Changing trends in HR- a shift in recruitment


Technology has changed our lives with a single invention. The reality is the technology we are using may become outdated tomorrow, whereas Machine learning and AI is changing the way of working in the Human Resource.

Social Media hiring and other engaging tool have become a reliable source for hiring. It stays connected with the leads to engaging the prospective employee. In the ever-changing business scenario, ‘People’ has become a critical asset for running a business on a global level.

Talent can be a differentiating factor for making your company differentiating from others. In the corporate world, everything is data-driven, but the question is whether the HR decisions are based on intuition or instincts? Would that be possible to sort out the salary issues? The answer is No.

With the changing tech trends, the role of HR is also transformed. It has optimized the interaction between the employees and the employer. Its role is no longer restricted to hiring and recruitment with the mounting pressure of cost evaluation and increasing business needs.

Technology is helping HR to organize the company and understand the people better. With the changing HR trends in future, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics can play a significant role in management and operations.  

Earlier, human resources decisions were based on long-term relations, instincts, intuition, and trust. Technological disruption has changed the way organizations think about their employees. Psychometric Test websites like Think Exam are playing a pivotal role in providing accurate job to a candidate as well as a fit candidate to the employers.


Changing  Tech Trends in HR

Technological trends have changed the employees’ landscape in the last few years, these changes have challenged the assumptions and the fundamentals of HR management. The rapid development of technology has affected the global workforce, it has created a seismic shift in work and practices.

There are key trends which are likely to change the future of HR. Psychometric Test is also an emerging technology to determine the right candidate who can fit a suitable organization.


Increasing ‘gig’ Economy

Contractual working habits and temporary working culture is a movement which is changing the HR workforce, this contingent culture is growing on the global level. Generally, government sectors opt for this kind of recruitment. The availability of temporary and contractual work has disrupted the digital transformation.

Many people are looking for this flexible job. But, this type of job may be risky for employers. As far as corporate risks are involved, the temporary employee has the same level of information as a permanent employee. In the long run, HR professionals looking for permanent employment with a specific need.  


Recruiting Millennials

Companies now focusing on hiring young talent for positive work experience, so that they could aim to put the company in limelight and provide a positive response from the target audience. Giving emphasis on young talents, organizations are basically reviewing their recruitment process.

During the whole process, they check a candidate’s experience during the previous employment and do a background check of the employee.  This process is user-friendly.


Use of AI technology

Due to increasing competitive talent in the market, HR professionals deal with bulk hiring. AI play a significant role in standardizing the job match. AI programme the pattern of behavior, for instance, conscious and unconscious bias, so that an entity could get the best hiring.

Also, it is playing a significant role in the background check as well. Human Resources faces both significant challenges and big opportunities in pursuit of getting the best hiring.  

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