Cracking the Code: A Guide to Building an Effective Online Coding Assessment

The World Economic Forum has projected that in the near future, a staggering nine out of ten job positions will necessitate proficiency in digital skills. Unfortunately, the supply of skills is not even close to fulfilling this anticipated demand. Moreover, another recent report published by World Economic Forum reveals a concerning trend: the value of digital job skills diminishes by approximately 50% every five years, which in effect means that half the tech skills hired today will be obsolete in five years!

Where does this leave recruiters and HR managers?

Faced with an IT landscape that is an ever-evolving maze, HR professionals must devise a hiring strategy that navigates changing technical skills, a tight job market, and exacting organizational requirements – all without having any technical knowledge themselves. A demanding job that cannot be managed with conventional hiring strategies that rely on job sites, a generic resume-to-interview approach, or consultants. Finding the right programmer requires a thorough and time-consuming search that must consider various parameters.

Priorities Skills Assessment Over Resumes

By shifting towards skill-based hiring, organizations can effectively identify and tap into a diverse talent pool with the proficiencies needed to bridge the skills gap swiftly. About 80% of technical recruiters reported prioritizing skills assessments over resumes during hiring, emphasizing the need for practical skills.

To build a skills pipeline, HR teams and recruiters must leave behind manual and inefficient coding assessment methods and leverage the power of technology to overcome the many challenges of the current tech job market. Online coding test interviews and Artificial Intelligence can streamline the process, offering a cost-effective solution. Online coding tests eliminate the need for physical logistics and infrastructure, making it ideal for executing bulk hiring while accurately identifying specific technical skills.

How Think Exam’s Customized Coding Assessments Help Organizations

Think Exam offers automated online role-based assessment tests that cover the entire spectrum of technical abilities. The digital assessment solution comprises a variety of testing formats of varying difficulty and skill levels to identify potential candidates, evaluate their skills, and provide comprehensive summaries aligned with your company’s vision.

Think Exam’s Library of 2000+ tests, covering 100,000+ technical questions and spanning 300+ skills, can be customized to provide a comprehensive assessment at every level. Recruitment teams can use our repository of technical questions to create scalable and auto-graded simulators to test Coding skills in specific programming languages, database expertise, Front-end, Data Science, understanding of Console-based applications, and more.

Go Beyond Basic Assessment Methods To Find The Right-Fit Skillset

More often than not, excellent talent doesn’t come wrapped in degrees and experience, and we recommend out-on-the-box skill-testing tools that showcase the candidate’s skills in real-world situations or while performing in competitive and high-pressure situations. Think Exam offers various testing solutions to uncover programming skills such as MCQs, case study simulators, coding simulators, coding interview platforms, hackathons, and AI-integrated remote proctoring for hiring coders in bulk.

Here is a quick look at how the coding test is customized and sent and executed by the candidate.

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