Four Reasons Why Think Exam is the Best Online Quiz Creator

Quizzes are a fun way to assess a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. It is a great way to effortfully retrieve information from memory. Such efforts will build up the memory power of students and serve them well as they advance in their education. Think Exam is a very popular quiz creator because we focus on providing a seamless experience both for the teachers who design the quiz and the students who are the quiz takers.

1. We let you customize the quizzes

If you choose us as your quiz maker, you can create customized quizzes. We enable you to define the name of the quiz, set the marking scheme, add images, set time limits, add questions that are important, etc. You can also amend the quiz settings according to the nature and purpose of the quiz. For instance, if the quiz is preparatory in nature, the settings can be more relaxed, whereas if the quiz is to determine promotion to another grade, stricter settings can be put in place. You can also provide specific guidelines for the quiz takers on how to answer the questions, include certain solving tips next to certain questions that are difficult, etc.

2. We provide advanced quiz settings

As online quiz creator, we work towards improving the experience of the test/quiz taker. To achieve this, we provide our clients with advanced features to raise the difficulty level, control the quiz atmosphere, set scoring scheme, define the restriction of selection and movement, depute timelines, etc. We also enable the shuffling of different sections, answer options, and different questions in one subject to ensure that quiz takers do not cheat. You can also assign certain parts of the test as mandatory fields and restrict back and forward movements until they are filled.

3. We let you create multiple groups

We allow users to divide quiz takers into different groups. Specific tests can be assigned to these groups, and they are marked using active links of mail, codes, web, etc. This link can be shared with specific candidates via email or through embedded codes that lead them to the test link on an external website. These special codes should be provided by the candidate to access the questions and appear in the quiz. The quiz begins only after the code has been verified. Non-specific quizzes can be shared with the group directly without the need for such special codes for access.

4. We help you create customized certificates

Another reason why we are a popular quiz creator is that we help our clients create customized certificates. Admins can access design templates in the panel and add the logo of their choice, a title to the certificate, a description, a date, a candidate name and marks, and a signature. Once the certificate is saved, it can be assigned to specific tests or quizzes. This way, when the quiz is published, the certificate is awarded to the test/quiz takers along with the results.


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