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Hire Smart by assessing General Aptitude of Candidates

General Aptitude is defined as the potential of the candidate and the ability to grasp new concepts which are crucial to his/ her role as an employee in the organization. It is innate, learned or acquired the ability of an individual to perform certain tasks. It helps assess Individual's capacity for learning in general regardless of any specific skill. Ginger General Aptitude Test is specially designed to cater to the level of aptitude that an employee would be expected to possess in any kind of job role. The test will ensure determining Reasoning Skills, Numeric skills, Verbal skills and Data Analysis skills of an applicant. Ginger Tests offers you plenty of assessment choices varying from basic tests for administrative to clerical roles to advanced level tests for leadership and strategic roles. The aptitude tests are specific to certain job roles.

About our Tests:

    The test is apt for:

  • point Receptionist
  • point Data entry operators
  • point Information clerks
  • point Delivery Boys
  • point Typist
  • point Key job roles the test can be used for:
  • point Customer care executive
  • point Tele caller executive
  • point Operations executive
  • point Guest service associate
  • point Retail Executives
  • Key job roles the test can be used for:

  • point Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • point Fresher Engineers
  • point Non-technical entry-level roles - Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounts
  • point Teachers and Trainers
  • point Secretary and Assistants
  • point The test is used for above-mentioned profiles across industries.

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