What is National Talent Assessment?

National Talent Assessment is apt for bulk hiring, it gives you the opportunity to hire highly qualified candidates from different parts of the country. Recently, TCS and Wipro conducted National Talent Assessment for hiring freshers. It is the way of democratizing freshers from different parts of the country. It is best for wider pool hiring. National Talent Assessment is the prominent way of hiring talent from the alternative channel. Each year, organizations go to different campus for hiring young talent which takes a lot of time and money. It increases the catchment of the area and digital advancement.

Why organizations require National Talent Assessment?

To attract the best talent across the country
To ensure equal opportunity to the most deserving talent
Opportunity for freshers to get the best package.
Reach out to a thousand graduates at a time
Finding best talent based on Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Communication skills (both written and spoken)
Decision making based on the effective selection process.
An employee is one of the crucial assets of the organization, a good employee would be helpful in getting the best returns on investment.
Identifying effective talent for the overall growth of the company.

How it would benefit an organization?

  • E-recruit Increasing test applicants
  • E-recruit Massive Campus Hiring
  • E-recruit The re-imagining hiring process to a technological platform from traditional recruitment model.
  • E-recruit Leveraging examination platform across pan-India.
  • E-recruit Identifying Passion for technology.
  • E-recruit Differentiating quality talent at entry level.
  • E-recruit Promising top tech talent.
  • E-recruit Equal opportunity from remote parts of the country

Test Pattern

Section No. Of Questions Durations
Aptitude Test 60 50 Minutes
English 10 10 Minutes
Logical Reasoning 10 10 Minutes
Domain Specific Depends on the hiring profiles
Companies invest a large amount of money in designing recruitment strategies, which requires a lot of time and money to attract the best candidates. As per the research, talent assessment results in high productivity and saving in risk management.
Employability Certification test

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