Everything you need in an online assessment platform to conduct a smooth assessment test.


Our product is capable to conduct online assessment for large number of users.


Quality of Assessments
Readily availble pre-built tests to assess Behavioral and Functional competence

online assessment reports

In-depth Report
360 Degree Evaluation Report of a candidate and analytics to make perfect decisions


Robust Proctoring
Real-time monitoring during the test with the help of video browsing.

Why online Assessment Test is required?

  • It saves time and money in the Hiring Process
  • Multiple candidates can give the test
  • You can give a test anywhere and anytime
  • You will get instant feedback after giving the test
  • It is helpful in highlighting your strengths and weaknesses
  • The online assessment is helpful for the recruiters, researchers and job seekers.
Think Exam Online Assessment Test

Why Think Exam for online assessment?

Employee performance

Employee Performance

We are focused on creating new insights and understanding of employee's performance based on data and statistical facts.

online Test Assessment


Thinkexam acquires real-time monitoring with the help of online assessment platform. You can evaluate what the candidate is doing during the assessment.



We are the prominent name in the market for reducing the interview bandwidth for the leading corporates in the market.

online Test Assessment


Our objective is to improve employability and cater career path to the candidates.

Employability Certification test

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