Maintaining credibility and preventing dishonest behaviour

Remote Proctoring is a mechanized platform for determining verification and caters end to end video recording. It is an AI-based analysis for online examination. Remote proctoring is based on the client's needs, you can get it customized as per the need of an organization also it is perfect for professional testing. It maintains credibility and ensures to accommodate robust API and streamlines exam creation process. Remote Proctoring is the most trusted solution for cheating behavior and audit live sessions for breaching. It is appropriate for maintaining full transparency during the online examination.

Benefits of Remote Proctoring

Online test

On-Demand Access

On-demand exams any day and anytime


Live guiding process

students are guided before starting the test, the proctor assists the candidate on technical issues. The process is documented before starting the test

examination system

Functional Identity verification

This process includes photo-id review, photo capture, facial recognition, etc

campus hiring

Live Environment Scanning

It checks every part of the workspace and safeguards it unpermitted resources during the exam

live online assessment

How Does it work?

Remote Proctoring is a two-way process. One side is the candidate sitting and on the other side, there is a proctor. A proctor should be able to invigilate 5-10 candidates. The applicant should fill all the details in the presence of the proctor.

Why you should choose Think Exam?

Think Exam’s remote proctoring blocks all the external applications and enhances the functionality of the browser.



Think Exam offers robust online exam platform to the candidates also it enhances the virtue of education.

Online Exam

Assessment source

We provide round the clock assessments to our clients and consists of cognitive technology for disabling false positives



It cut downs your expenses in manual proctoring and secures the test engine to deliver the test

Think Exam

Training and certification

It caters a safe environment for mechanized proctoring and powerful assessment engine



Advance Features

Real-Time Recording

Captures a real-time image, audio- video of the user's action.


In-depth analysis of the candidate


Proctoring accessible on iOS and Android.

Browser Policy

Navigation check and disabling copy/paste option.

Invigilation Provision

Real-Time interaction through the chat box and candidate blocking.

Local Development

Private recording with restricted connectivity

Configurable Alert

Notification in case of suspicious activity


An accessible dashboard for private recording

Avoiding Fraudulence

Preventing test from fraudulence during the time of the test.

No overhead Cost

Administering the test and avoiding the overhead resource.

Proctoring FAQs

Remote Proctoring is a combination of technology that enables the test administrator to conduct online tests in a cheat-proof environment. Even when the candidates are attempting tests from diverse geographical locations, still the integrity and authenticity of the test remains as they are invigilated by a remote proctor.

Remote Proctoring works in various stages in which the first step is authorization of the candidate. Once the authorization is done through face recognition, Biometric or OTP the proctored exam starts. As soon as the test starts the proctor can begin to monitor the screens of test taking candidates and keep track on their activities through live audio-video recording and screen sharing.

For conducting a remote proctored test you must have remote proctoring software integrated within your computer. Also, you need an isolated work environment where you can settle in peace and concentrate entirely on the proctoring task. Apart from this, you must have a good internet connection and a compatible system (computer/laptop).

The main features of remote proctoring are-

  • Pre-Authentication: In this feature the candidates needs to authenticate their identity as the test takers through Biometric, face recognition, OTP, IP or Aadhaar.
  • Browsing limit: This feature can detect if the examinees browse away from the test screen or open any extra tabs. Also, the test can be discontinued after multiple attempts of leaving the test screen.
  • Remote authorization and control: This feature gives a proctor the power to start or end the test in case of unfavorable activities. Also, the option of copy paste is disabled and the proctor can raise red flags if the candidate is found indulging in any sort of doubtful activities.

A proctor is a responsible person to monitor the ongoing online test. His duty is to constantly watch the live audio video streaming and check for any sort of cheating or malpractice in which the candidates might involve during the test. In case of cheating detected, the proctor can right away end the test or alert the candidate through raising the red flags

Remote proctoring is helpful in conducting tests from remote location. It extends a proctor reach beyond geographical limitations and helps in conducting tests without cheating or other unfair activities.

The test takers identity is confirmed right before the test starts. The authentication step involves authenticating a test takers identity through one of the various means- OTP, Aadhaar, face recognition, Biometric or IP.

No! With so many integrated features in remote proctoring software to identify unfair/cheating activities, it is not possible for a candidate to cheat.

If a proctor has suspected some student for cheating then he can raise a red flag to warn the candidate. If the unfair activity still persists then the proctor can end the test of that individual candidate from his end.

“Browser Policy” is a feature in remote proctoring software that limits the browse out attempts on a test taking candidates computer. If the candidate browses out of the test screen more than the assigned limits then the test automatically end.

Remote proctoring provided by Think Exam is flexible, efficient, AI enabled and also, cost effective. It has got abundance of features to ease the proctoring method for a proctor and conduct online tests efficiently.

No! If purchased from a reliable vendor such as Think Exam, you can get proctoring service at affordable costs. Also, before purchasing a proctoring service you must ask for its demo. For Think Exam’s Proctoring Service you can get an instant demo from here.

These day’s online exams are the most sought after method to test your candidates, conduct trainings and take employability tests. If you are an educator, teacher, or a recruiter then you definitely require remote proctoring to conduct online exams in a secure testing environment from a remote location.

Remote proctoring can be used for-

  • Teachers- Many universities prefer to conduct assessments before certifying the teachers after the training is over.
  • Students- Students are assessed in all sorts of educational sectors right from schools, coaching, universities to even training institutes and colleges.
  • Companies- Recruiters prefer to conduct pre-employability tests to assess the skills and knowledge of job applicants.
  • Government exams- There are certain Government as well as competitive exams that are conducted online.

Employability Certification test

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