How ThinkExam Remote Proctoring Is Eliminating Offline Exam Challenges?

In the covid-19 pandemic, the Education domain and corporate world are using innovative ways of teaching and learning. How easy would it be for schools and universities to adopt new technology for conducting remotely proctored exams? In the Covid-19 outbreak, the educational domain is digitized, which has led to the advent of E-learning. According to research, E-learning is a 100 billion industry. Many students are looking for online courses for their career growth. The major benefit of these courses is that you can access them anywhere and anytime, students can access multiple courses at a time. Online education is witnessing the transition, It has gained popularity since 2012. With the gaining popularity of online education, challenges are rising. Assessment and Certification are extensive challenges.


Many schools and universities are relying on cbt exam platforms to overcome significant challenges. It is challenging for Universities to conduct examinations as it requires high operational cost, infrastructure, proctor, and scheduling.

Challenges for Conducting offline examination  

  1. Test Centers: Allotting test centers near the candidate’s location and finding suitable infrastructure is a difficult task. Whereas if you are conducting the exam in multiple locations, managing multiple centers is a troublesome task. The problem can be resolved by opting for remotely proctored exams. It would give liberty to the candidate to appear for the exam from a remote location by using laptops or computers and stable internet.
  2. Certified Proctors: Recruiting proctors is a hard job, as it depends on their availability, sending them to the test centers is an add-on challenge. ThinkExam platform offers a seamless platform for conducting online examinations along with remote proctoring. All you need to have is a web camera and microphone. It helps in overcoming the challenges of hiring a proctor.
  3. Scheduling exam: Scheduling exams in limited test centers is a nightmare. It should be carefully planned by considering various factors such as public holidays, gaps between the exams, etc. With remotely proctored exams, the exam authority need not worry about scheduling exams. Students can appear for the exams from their home, and they can give exams any day, any time.

Working of ThinkExam Remoting Proctoring 

  • Candidate Identity Verification: The candidate can show his ID card on the web camera, and the proctor can verify it.
  • Candidate can appear for an exam: The candidate is given access to start the test once the ID is verified.
  • Image and video capturing: The image of the candidate is captured, and in video proctoring, video is captured. After that, Image and video are determined.
  • Auto Proctoring: Auto proctoring keeps track of a candidate’s movement to analyze the examination process.

Future of Remote Proctoring 

After facing many challenges, Universities and schools are relying on remote proctoring. Many students are preferring online courses, schools and universities are reaching a large number of students. Similarly, Remote proctoring is playing a significant role in benefiting students to appear for the exam from their remote location. Considering various factors

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