Think Exam Remotely Proctored Exams Safer Than The Traditional Forms Of Examination An Effective Method Of Monitoring

The remotely proctored examination came as a boon to the examination industry. It is easy to access and authentic the mass examination. Which makes it an easy choice for the examiner to examine without any hassle. With that said, are remotely proctored exams safer than traditional forms of examination? The digital world comes to many uncanny and unpleasant things that can sometimes lead to security and privacy breach. Therefore, remotely proctored exams are a threat to the digital menace. Let’s take close to it.

Meaning of online proctored examination 

A remote proctored test is an online examination with an anti-cheating mechanism. It is conducted in a group or a mass. It is suitable for conducting competitive exams. Mainly, remote proctored exam’s fundamental is to analyze the individual’s skills and the mind work of a student.

How are exams proctored? 

Online exams are examined with remote proctoring software. This software consists of state-of-the-art technology to monitor the candidate during the exam. It is equipped with window limiting software, it would limit the candidate to open several tabs at a time, determines authentication, and also works as the human proctor in a human form. Of course, there will be human proctors as well. There will be a human proctor who will evaluate the candidate during the examination.

Are remotely proctored tests safer? 

The answer is yes, remotely proctored exams are safer than the traditional forms of examination. In this ongoing pandemic, remote proctoring software is offering AI technology security, it consists of the combination of two crucial aspects as identity authentication and anti-cheating mechanism.

Think Exam Remote Proctoring: An Intrusive method of monitoring online exam 

Online proctoring plays a significant role in online examination to ensure that candidate appearing during the exam is not doing any unfair means of cheating. Proctoring is a major challenge during the exams, in today’s technological breakthrough online remote proctoring is effective than a traditional form of proctoring. With innovation, online proctoring is more effective for maintaining the integrity of the exam. Think Exam is a leading remote proctoring software that makes the examination process systematic and structured. It offers end to end solution for cbt online exams. Reliable round-the-clock support, cost-effective and secure assessment for all your needs.

The remote proctoring software ensures to keep the integrity of the exam with the latest AI-based technology for preventing cheating.

Advantages of remote proctoring 

Online proctoring comes up with several benefits over traditional proctoring that are as follows:

  • Evidential: All the instances of cheating are recorded and presented as witnesses over time.
  • Flexible: Numerous candidates appearing in the exam are not limited to physical space and minimize the physical intervention.
  • Zero gap monitoring: The AI and live video streaming secures the exam and ensures nothing is missed out.
  • Convenient: Remote proctoring can take place from any location at any time.

Aspects remote proctoring tools should have; 

  • Desktop sharing of the candidate’s screen
  • Camera video feed to detect any person or screen
  • Live video to monitor the activity
  • Live detection
  • Video recording for checking the candidate’s behaviour
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