Maximizing ROI on Recruitment Efforts with Careers Aptitude Test

The job market in India has grown exponentially in the past decade. It is estimated that just the IT-BPM sector employs around 5 million people. With the receding of the pandemic and the resurgence of a number of sectors and jobs, the number of job applicants has increased drastically over the past three years. This poses a dilemma for most companies. Although the choice to select from a large pool of candidates is a good thing, how does the company select the right candidate for the right type of role? This is where a careers aptitude test comes in. As we will see in the rest of the article, the multitude of features and tools in the online assessment format allows employers to perform a comprehensive analysis of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and allows the selection of the best fit for the job. Add to this the convenience and cost reduction this format provides, allowing companies to maximize their return on investment in their recruitment efforts by choosing the right candidate for the job.

Let’s take a look at the numbers

The formal sector in India consists of many organized forms of organizations such as tech companies, IT-BPM, banking, and so forth. It is estimated that around 47.5 million people work in the formal sector. Labour data from the government also suggest that in the quarter of January to March 2022, the number of workers jumped by four lakhs in just three months. This is a large number, and according to the labour ministry, this number will keep growing. Employers, therefore, need a reliable way to select the best hire for the job. This is where the careers aptitude test comes in. Let’s take a look at how these tests help exactly.

How do aptitude tests help?

High staff attrition levels are currently the bane of most corporate organizations. This usually happens because the person is not exactly the ideal hire for the job. If someone doesn’t have the right skill set or is not the right addition to a company’s specific corporate culture, then that employee is more likely to leave. Companies are then left with the headache of having to replace and retrain for that particular position. This is a major money and time cost to any organization. So how can an organization avoid high employee attrition? It is now standard for companies to use online testing in their hiring process. The older formats of hiring can be subject to human bias. How does one objectively choose one candidate over another? These psychometric assessment are scientific and are a standardized format of evaluation. With an objective evaluation, the right person with the right skill set and mental mindset can be chosen for the right job in a time and cost-effective manner. This allows for employee retention and satisfaction and serves as a significant ROI in most companies’ hiring process. Let us take a look at what makes an online assessment good.

What components do they measure?

To ensure a candidate is selected to succeed in a particular job, qualities essential for success in that particular role need to be selected. This can be done by measuring such traits using many standardized test forms. This is where Think Exam’s careers aptitude test comes in. They provide a wide variety of standardized online assessments. Each one measures an important trait scientifically. These tests measure two different types of intelligence called crystallized and fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence measures problem-solving capabilities, whereas crystallized intelligence tests the individual’s knowledge base for more technical roles. Let’s look at some of the assessments that Think Exam’s online platform offers.

  • Abstract Reasoning

A very important metric. This tests the candidate’s ability for lateral thinking and also their ability to connect two discrete sets of information. This is needed in the real world when thinking about complex tasks and making decisions.

  • Spatial thinking skills

This is very important both in specialized fields and in more general roles. This tests working memory by asking how the candidate can remember and recreate 3d and 2d shapes in their head.

  • Verbal ability

This language and comprehension skill is highly important because it forms the backbone of professional communication and is essential for success in any role. Good command of language is required for good communication. Good verbal ability also ensures that the written communication of the candidate is up to the standard of the organization.

  • Logical and critical reasoning

Skills such as inductive reasoning and inferential reasoning allow people to draw reasonable conclusions from a given set of data or real-life circumstances. Critical thinking is also a ubiquitous and perpetually used life skill, commonly used in almost every job role across sectors.

  • Visual reasoning

This also primarily tests the ability to visualize and accurately create the right mental images. This skill is very useful in design and technical production roles.

  • Problem-solving test

An important aspect of most jobs is the use of given information, even if it is sparse to figure out and come up with viable solutions to problems. It can be done using a careers aptitude test.

  • Psychometric assessment

An extremely important metric, psychometric assessments test the fit of a potential employee to the work culture of that particular organization. This allows employers to see if they are compatible from a social point of view if they will connect well with their teammates, and if there will be any friction due to differences in traits. This is one of the most important traits that dictate a candidate’s success in a job role.

  • Numerical reasoning

This allows the candidate to show how good they are at working with numbers. Numbers are a quintessential part of every kind of job. Candidates must be able to come up with a solution using learned numerical concepts.

By using all these types of standardized testing, employers can, in an objective way, select the right person for any given role. Whether it be technical or administrative, Think Exam career aptitude tests will allow employers to screen efficiently and objectively. Given the large number of candidates applying for every available position, it is not feasible for companies to spend large amounts on infrastructure and manpower. There is also the inherent human subjective bias with previous hiring formats. With scientifically-backed online assessments provided by Think Exam, employers can save massive amounts of time and money whilst still choosing the perfect fit for any role, reduce staff turnover, and maximize the return on investment of any hire.

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