Why Should You Choose Think Exam’s Cognitive Assessment Test?

When it comes to recruitment, finding the best candidate can be akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. The sheer number of applicants for a job makes hiring a laborious task. However, today employers can make use of data-driven solutions to filter job applicants and find the most suitable employee. One of those solutions is the cognitive assessment test for recruitment. Here is what you should know about the cognitive assessment test available on Think Exam’s online assessment platform.

Why do Employers Use Cognitive Assessment Tests?

Employers use cognitive assessment tests to evaluate a job applicant’s aptitude and ability to learn, comprehend new information, and potentially achieve performance goals. These tests can accurately indicate an applicant’s success in vocational or knowledge-based roles across different industries. A cognitive assessment test that is conducted over an online assessment platform can tell employers quite accurately how well an applicant will fare in a new role. Think exam’s cognitive assessment test is part of a service offering for corporates looking to hire from around the country, especially from the top institutes and universities. The services offer a 360 evaluation of the applicant, from their cognitive abilities to personality and domain skills.

Features of Cognitive Assessment Test

 Let us now look at some of the features of a cognitive assessment test done on an online assessment platform:

  • Time-bound:

Cognitive assessment tests are timed to assess power, as opposed to speed. The time periods are generous so as to not induce anxiety in the candidates. The idea is to see how well each candidate performs when on a deadline. Moreover, setting time limits to the assessment enables us to evaluate the cognitive ability of all candidates who take the assessment in a standardized manner. It also reduces the chances of cheating or collusion among the candidates.

  • Percentile ranking:

Cognitive assessment tests also rely on percentile ranking as opposed to the conventional percentage ranking. In the latter, the percentage of marks is displayed as results, whereas in the former, a number representing the rank of the candidate when compared to the entire pool of candidates is provided. This means that a candidate who scores the 96th percentile has scored better than 96% of the total number of candidates who took the exam.

  • Tests problem-solving capacity:

The primary intention of cognitive assessment tests is to evaluate how well a candidate can solve problems using their cognitive skills. In addition to the questions specifically meant for problem-solving, the various rules regarding how the assessment is to be taken are tests in themselves. It assesses how well a candidate can solve problems with numerous restrictions in place.

  • Highlights areas for improvement:

In addition to evaluating a candidate’s cognitive skills, these assessments also shine a light on areas that require additional help and training. Candidates who wish to improve their cognitive skills can take one of our assessments and work on areas they have not performed well. This is also beneficial for corporates to identify areas where employees require additional training.

What do Think Exam’s Cognitive Assessment Tests Evaluate?

 Each of our cognitive assessment tests evaluates different components of human cognitive intelligence, and some of them are listed below:

  • Verbal skills and ability: This component measures the applicant’s English language proficiency with the use of vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar as parameters.
  • Quantitative skills and ability: Here, the applicant’s quantitative skills and ability to use and understand mathematical concepts are assessed.
  • Numerical skills and ability: This component evaluates the applicant’s basic mathematical skills and operations, such as averages, percentages, profit and loss, discounts, and more.
  • Verbal reasoning: The applicant’s ability to solve problems with the help of language is assessed here.
  • Mechanical reasoning: The applicant’s ability and skills in solving problems using their knowledge of mechanical concepts and principles are assessed.
  • General Intelligence Assessment: The applicant’s speed in processing new information and applying it to various situations is assessed here.
  • Spatial ability: The applicant’s ability to spot patterns, manipulate 3D or 2D objects, and visualise movements in the objects is evaluated.
  • Abstract reasoning: Here the applicant’s ability to use new information to solve unfamiliar problems is assessed here.

What do You Get with Think Exam’s Cognitive Assessment Test?

 Here is what you get when you use Think Exam’s cognitive assessment test:

  • Scientific assessment of applicants:

Science-based evaluation of an applicant’s cognitive abilities across a wide range of topics/areas. This comprehensive evaluation gives employers and employees a clear picture of areas of strength and areas of weaknesses. This information can be used to create appropriate training programs to improve the efficiency of the workforce within an organisation. It is also a great tool for recruiters within different organisations.

  • Anti-cheat system:

Any form of cheating during exams takes away from the integrity of the assessment and destroys the primary intention of objective evaluation of a candidate’s cognitive skills. This is why our online assessment platform makes it impossible to cheat with a variety of features designed to maintain the integrity and prevent cheating or prediction (of questions) of any kind.

  • Remote proctoring:

With remote proctoring, candidates can take the assessment at any remote location without the evaluators having to worry about the integrity, reliability, validity, and defensibility of the assessment. The remote proctoring software will verify the applicant’s identity and will flag any suspicious behavior. This helps cut down on the costs that would be incurred if the assessment had to be taken physically at a particular location. Since everything is online, the process is entirely automated and leaves no room for human error of any kind.

  • 24/7 customer support:

At Think Exam, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience. We take special care to ensure that our teams are available to guide our clients should there be any issues with any aspect of the cognitive assessment test. We have round-the-clock customer support teams who are trained to resolve issues that may crop up in any part of the cognitive test assessment.




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