The Ultimate Guide to Psychometric Assessments and Tests

The recruitment industry has progressed immensely over the decade. Gone are the days when subject-based knowledge was the only determinant in the recruiting process. Organisations increasingly prefer holistic assessments and tests to comprehend the character of the candidates. This has been made simpler with technology that makes it easy to evaluate many candidates in a short period of time.

At Think Exam, we provide recruiters with a platform that allows them to conduct psychometric evaluations (both assessments and tests) on candidates applying for positions within their organisation. These tests are standardised to be able to conduct mass evaluations.

In this article, we delve deeper into what these assessments and tests are, how they are different from each other, and why they are so popular.

What are Psychometric Assessments and Tests?

Psychometric assessments and tests are two different components of a holistic psychometric evaluation. The former determines the personality traits of the candidates by evaluating their responses and reasoning for the responses. This provides an in-depth analysis of the psychological characteristics of the candidate. The latter is used to analyse the personality traits that have been identified to determine whether they would be a suitable fit for the role.

Psychometric Assessments and Tests – The Difference

Psychometric assessments seek to understand the reasoning of the candidates. They require answers that defend the choices made by the candidates. No answer is “wrong” in these assessments, and they are merely different. Psychometric tests contain questions that seek to assess the knowledge of the candidates. There are clear right and wrong answers to the questions in these online assessment tests.

Psychometric assessment is intended to collect data on the candidates for further analysis. They help uncover the underlying reasons for behavioural traits exhibited by the candidates. Psychometric tests, on the other hand, rely on evaluating candidates on a numerical scale. This helps recruiters compare the performance of candidates against one another to identify the highest performer.

Both the tests and the assessments help recruiters determine how each candidate would perform in different work environments.

Why are Psychometric Assessments and Tests Popular?

As seen above, psychometric assessments and tests are used in the candidate selection process of every industry. We have made a list of some of the main reasons why they are so popular.

1. They simplify the process of shortlisting

With the rising competition in every industry, the numbers of those applying for positions far outnumber the actual positions or roles available. It is nearly impossible to accurately assess the psychological characteristics and abilities of a vast number of people in a short span of time. This is where psychometric assessments and tests come into the picture. They help recruiters shortlist those candidates who display the preferred character traits and skills for their organisation.

2. They provide a comprehensive picture

Conventionally, candidates are selected through a common test that evaluates the knowledge that candidates have over a subject. This, however, needs to provide a picture as to the kind of employee the candidate would be. Psychometric tests evaluate the cognitive abilities, aptitude, reasoning, personality, emotional intelligence, behaviour, etc., of the candidates. This provides recruiters with a comprehensive picture of the candidate and helps them easily identify who will be the right fit for their organisation.

3. They leave no room for bias

Humans are susceptible to internal prejudices, biases, and external influences. Any assessment procedure with human involvement suffers from the risk of such unconscious biases and influence. Psychometric assessments evaluate a person’s psychological traits based on their performance in the test and not on the basis of anybody’s opinion. This makes them fully objective and free from bias, whether conscious or unconscious.

4. They can be taken remotely

We provide a platform to conduct online assessment tests of the psychological characteristics of the masses. The test can be taken from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Not only does this help organisations cut down the costs of conducting the test, but it also helps candidates save on the cost of travel. Remote tests also allow candidates to take the test in the comfort of their homes, without any pressure. Moreover, it also ensures the safety of candidates and staff members alike from COVID-19.

5. They create a starting point

The results of the psychometric assessment of shortlisted candidates will come in handy during the next stage of the candidate selection process. The information gathered from the assessment can be used to generate unique interview questions for each candidate to evaluate them better. They provide a great starting point for interviews, one that helps recruiters probe deeply into the CVs of the candidates.

6. They make the training process easier

Candidates who are finally selected for a position require training to help them integrate seamlessly into their roles within the organisation. Conventionally, all fresh recruits are collectively put through the same training programme. However, this method is not effective as each recruit responds differently to the training according to their abilities. The information from psychometric assessments and tests can be used to create training programmes that play to their strengths and helps them overcome their weaknesses effectively.

7. They help track the abilities of candidates

Psychometric assessments and tests are not just preferred during the initial candidate selection process. It is also used by organisations to assess employees who are in line for promotions. Comparing the results of the latest assessment/test with that of the older ones gives the management a clear picture of the abilities of the employees. This approach ensures that those in the higher rungs of an organisation reflect the characteristics and abilities promoted by the organisation.

8. They help reduce costs

As we have already seen, we provide a platform to conduct online assessment tests that can be taken remotely. This does away with the need to set up a particular space for the purpose of the assessment. In other words, it does away with the need to spend on infrastructure and resources, saving the organisation a lot of money. It also ensures that organisations only spend money on those training programmes that are effective. Most importantly, it takes away the need for staff to conduct assessments or tests in person, which significantly cuts down on costs.


If you are looking for a reliable platform to conduct psychometric assessments and tests on, contact our team right away. We assist multiple organisations within and outside India in their recruitment process. Our test software is also highly sought after by educational institutions globally. Look no further, as we are the solution to your recruitment woes!


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