Start your day with a ‘Purpose’


The ability to wake up early is the first start to a meaningful day, first 60 to 90 minutes are progressive.

Morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, an individual can use them to accomplish some pretty things in life. Prioritizing is not exaggerating, many times individuals end their day by feeling unproductive and unsure of what they have achieved.  

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘The early morning has gold in the mouth. It strengthens on starting the day right. Morning & evening is the prime time for success. According to the Harvard Business Review, people who perform at a peak in the morning form the foundation for the entire day.


Normally, people start their day by checking their phones, emails, news and social media.  Waking up ‘clean Slate’ would be helpful in deciding the approach for the work. A person won’t be able to focus if he or she is constantly reacting on others expectation. According to social Psychologists, a person should give 10 minutes to deciding the goals and objectives.

Targeting Valuable Morning Activities

Many business leaders start their day with reading, creating and meditating.  An individual should find something to motivate himself or herself and look forward to positive change. Start your morning with a purpose at a specific time. Deciding a morning ritual would be helpful in increasing a positive vibe. Making things stagnant can make your routine boring.

Surprising yourself would be beneficial for giving a new kick start to your day. There are a thousand reasons for making your proactive. A purposeful morning isn’t something that falls in a lap, it is something to be created.

Many times people rush towards their office without thinking about what they want to do, which automatically leads to frustration and rage.  

Intention refers to the hidden motivation within everything. Every human being act in an unintended way. The unconscious mind takes charge of the decision making and behavior. It aligns the conscious thinking which drives the primal emotions.


Simple morning practice start to a ‘Purposeful’  Day


  • Connect with the body:  Wake up and sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and connect with your senses. Make sure that the spine is straight and not rigid. 
  • Connect with the breathing: Take a deep breathe and let the breath settle down inflow. You will notice the rise and flow of the chest and the belly. 
  • Introspect yourself: Ask yourself about the intentions you have, think about the activities you will do and the people you will meet. 
  • Set your intentions: Set an objective for a day and start your activities with a peaceful mind. 
  • Observe yourself throughout the day:  Observe your activities throughout the day and keep a check on your attitude.

Building a working system would help a person to start a day without any distractions.  It would help in strategizing and concentrating at work. Getting out of the comfort zone would be helpful in achieving long-term gains instead of short-term wins.  

Deep Scheduling combats distractions and work done in less time. George Harrison said ‘If you don’t know where are you going the road will take you there’.

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