Unraveling the dark side of Human Personality

Egoism, psychological entitlement, psychopathy, sadism, etc are the dark traits of personality. Sadism depends on someone’s pain and discomfort. Whereas egoism simply means that a person is placing his own advantage. Negative personality traits are defined by excessive self-absorption and other similar inclinations. Sharing the same psychological base. The dark-traits are born from different personalities.

Negative Factor ruling Human Personality

According to the online survey, the researcher asked the participant, to what extent they agree or disagree with a particular statement. Participants also stated the tendency towards aggressive behavior & impulsive decision. Researchers also analyze how much they are inclined towards unethical actions. The information is on the nine negative traits. After analyzing all the gathered information he concluded that negative personality traits are stemmed to negative tendencies.

When people get stressed out at work, their dark side comes out, while diligent people can manage and fun-loving are elusive. The dark traits inherited in everyone can be revealed by dark personality assessment. It plays an important role in streamlining the candidate pool. Dark traits can damage reputation and disrupt relationships.

Detrimental effects of stress

Stress is the main culprit behind dark traits. A stressful work culture leads to poor health, decreased life expectancy and employee disengagement, etc.

Determining the job role exposed to dark traits

It is important to identify the job role which is prone to the distress caused in the presence of dark traits. As per the research, admin and clerical job are vulnerable to life and the company’s reputation and it is not prone to distort work culture. Management and leadership jobs are capable to revolutionize the organizational culture, enhancing productivity and as well as the image of the organization.

Why Dark personality assessment is important?

Dark traits lead to destruction and toxic work culture. It can adversely affect the workplace. As per the Haward Business Review, dark traits are associated with negative behavior for instance bullying, absenteeism and some times poor work performance as well.


How to manage Dark Traits at the organization?

Knowledge is awareness, The most critical step is that we need to determine the traits at the time of hiring and assess them to minimize the damage. An organization should have a proactive approach to determine the traits and minimizing the damage. HR should analyze the area and job where there could be a maximum chance of causing and how it can be a curb.


  • Evaluating Dark traits at the time of hiring: citizens with dark traits are a great communicator and consists of profound sales skills. There is a high chance of getting obscured during the time of the interview. It is important to invest in an assessment tool to identify traits of personality and reveal them. There are numerous tools which are helpful in assessing the dark traits during the time of hiring.
  • Assessment as a part of the Appraisal Process: According to the association of psychological science, people who have scored high on the measures of narcissism have earned a high salary. Meanwhile, those who have scored high on the mechanism are more likely to hold a leadership position. Sometimes dark traits are good for the person, but they are detrimental for the long term success of the company. For this, it is important to have dark trait assessment. For the formal feedback mechanism. For example, performance feedback.
  • Framing strong value-based culture: A strong value-based culture encourages the right mindset to value the teamwork, cooperation, and decision making. An organization should emphasis on the success of teamwork and evaluation.


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