7 Tips to choose the perfect Online Exam Software

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For long conventional methods of creating and conducting assessments have been the only choice for the teachers, trainers, coaches, or even recruiters. We are all aware of the lengthy process that goes into it and not to forget the expenditure though.

Right from managing a list of relevant questions and getting it to proofread, to arranging for a proctor or invigilator… a lot goes into the manual procedure.

Since the inception of technology in assessments, many of the above-mentioned drawbacks have been curtailed naturally. A whole lot of time, money, and physical logistics that used to be invested in the long and tiresome procedure got totally eliminated with the invention of online test portal technology.

These days one can find various types of online exam software available in the market that is specified to its application in education, corporates (recruitment), employee engagement, and employee training.

Now the question is that how will you know which one is the best for you? Well to resolve your dilemma we have provided a list of points that will let you decide which online exam software is the best for you.

7 Tips – How to choose the right online exam software

1. User-friendly Interface and easy accessibility

The main aim of technology is to simplify the process simultaneously simplifying our lives too. There is no point in investing into a technology that is difficult to understand or handle.

In training institutes, schools or even organizations, easy accessibility of online test platforms are always of major concern with the perspective of both the assessor and the assessee.

The user should have the freedom to use it from anywhere and at any time with just a computer and an internet connection.

The whole system should be totally web or cloud-based with no compulsion of installing or downloading the software.

2. Ease in creating and conducting tests

Many teachers and students are relatively new to the concept of online assessments and require clear instructions on every step of creating, assigning and attempting the tests. To simplify the overall task demos and FAQ’s should be present at the starting or on the website which can be referred easily.

The online assessment system should have all the important features that are vital for creating and conducting tests. It should have all types of question patterns- MCQs, essay type, objective type, subjective type, skills based, personality testing type, and simulation questions.

There should be a relevant question bank available on the software which the assessor can use to build questions. Also the options to upload exclusive questions through excel or other type of files should be available.

The candidates should also have equal convenience of attempting the test which starts with easy login process. The credentials of every candidate should be present in the software system with the choice of timely editing and updating.

3. Scalability

Especially for recruiters and coaching institute trainers, the scalability of the software used as computer based test platform means a lot.

Scalability ascertains the fact that multiple users/candidates can simultaneously become a part of an assessment irrespective of the geographical restraints.

The online platform should be backed with a robust server structure that can facilitate the criteria of scalability and high response time. In the times of power failure or any other sudden mishap the server should be able to hold up the data without losing it.

Other than all of this, another important point is to have inbuilt auto-save feature that saves every answer as soon as it is given.

4. Inbuilt Proctoring Feature

Invigilation or proctoring is an important aspect of every assessment. The complete reliability of the data obtained from assessments majorly depends on the precision and level of proctoring. Sometimes candidates try to have an easy way out and chose to pass the test using unethical means such as cheating.

A good online assessment system is highly apt for the anti-cheat feature. Its functionality ranges on various levels and ensures that by no means any malpractice should become a part of the exam scenario.

Some most common ways of proctoring used in computer-based test platform and online assessment platform are- webcam, audio-video recording and screen share feeds.

5. Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Reporting system of any online test software is important as it gives meaning to the complete procedure. A comprehensive reporting system derives test reports on various factors that are descriptive and easy to comprehend. The view should be statistical or graphical that represents the scores in a way that is easy to understand and explain.

To mention a few factors, test report should consist of candidate wise, question wise, subject wise and comparison wise reports.

6. Easy to integrate and configure with the existing system

Many educational institutes, coaching centers and organizations are already using some form of LMS for their students or employees. An online assessment platform should be flexible enough to sync in with the existing system without any conflict.

The online assessment system should also be integrated with the features of white labeling and branding that can be configured with the landing page consisting of your company logo.

7. Last but not the least- Customer Support

All types of technologies no matter how perfect they are are still subject to malfunction and glitches. Also being familiar with the complete technical know-how of a platform is not that possible on the end of teachers and recruiters.

It is important to have a good client support team that is active 24/7 and can resolve your issues at any given time.


All of the above mentioned points are no doubt a must part for the selection of best online test portal check list, but the thing that matters the most is budget constraints. Always opt for an online platform that offers a free trial version and lets you go through all the features right from basic to advance.

Check for the options that you get while purchasing the package- user based, test based or both. The ones that provide both the options are the best as you can purchase a package according to your customized requirement.

Hope all of the above mentioned points will be of your help in choosing the perfect online exam software!

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