Online Examination System in India – Its scope, Pros & Cons!

scope of online examination system in india

India is turning into one of the biggest platforms to facilitate online examination system. This is the reason why India’s online education market is witnessing exponential growth.

“Online education market in India is growing at a CAGR of approximately 19% by 2020. In another research, it was stated that 1.3 million users are from India out of 18 million registered learners”

These days almost all the competitive exams are taking a turn towards online examination system leaving the drawbacks of conventional assessment methods behind. But what makes online examination system such a preferred source for conducting assessments?

Let’s show some light on its basic understanding as to what are its functionalities, advantages and not to forget… its disadvantages as well.

Functionalities of online examination system

  • 》 Creating Assessments – The first step of conducting an online assessment is to create it. For
    online examination system

    online examination system

    creating interactive, effective and relevant assessments, online test platforms are integrated with various features.

    These features guide the admin at every step for creating a final customized assessment that is exactly according to the requirement.

  • 》 Conducting Assessments – Conducting online assessments require a systematic approach that starts with categorizing the students to their particular subject/test groups.With the help of dedicated test conducting features and good concurrency, the admin can easily assign tests to as many candidates without any hassle.
  • 》 Evaluating Assessments – The end functionality of online examination system is to automatically evaluate assessments and generate report. Evaluation requires accuracy because of which most of the online test platforms are backed with the AI features.Once the evaluation part is over, comprehensive reports are generated which consists of test wise, subject wise, topic wise and question wise score analysis.

What are the pros of online examination system?

Online examination system has got a lot many advantages some of which are-

  • 》 Online examination system is fully automatic which makes it highly accurate and time-proeffective.
    It completely eliminates the dependency on paper-based tests.
  • 》 It comes with in-built cheat proof and proctoring features because of which online tests are safe to be conducted in any setting.
  • 》 The workload on various resources/teachers automatically gets minimal because the entire test creating, conducting and evaluating methods get automated.
  • 》 Students don’t have to come to a specific place which is the case with paper-based tests. Online tests are not restricted with geographical boundaries and students can attempt tests from any part of the world.


What are the cons of online examination system?

  • 》 There is a lack of interaction between the candidates attempting the test and the instructor.cons
    Online examination system is dependent on the connectivity of internet. In the case of network issues, the online test can be delayed or even postponed.
  • 》 Hackers can manage to interrupt the functionalities of online examination system or can even extract the pre-inserted questions.
  • 》 India is still a developing country because of which rural areas are still deprived of internet connectivity and proper computers. Under such conditions, the benefits of online examination system cannot reach to the people of backward areas.

What is the role of Government in enhancing the applications of online examination system in India?

Government is making a lot many efforts through its various policies for expanding digital literacy across India. These policies are also aiding the Indian online educational market to gain new heights.

The initiative of digital India envisions a long term development in terms of online education and assessment.

This is the reason why plans are being framed to make internet connectivity more efficient as well as affordable.

Government is also reaching out to some industry giants such as Qualcomm and Reliance to come up with new technologies in the education sector for augmenting the Indian education system.

What does the future of online examination system hold?

Many Government and competitive exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL have started to follow online mode for conducting tests. In the current scenario, online examination system is developing with leaps and bounds.

The application of online test platform is vast and is used in various sectors such as schools, coaching, institutes and even corporates to automate the testing procedure.

No doubt that there are still many disadvantages of online examination system that we haven’t countered yet.

But, with the new policies of Government and all the effort that they are making, it is possible that very soon the online exam conducting companies will overpower these drawbacks. So it is right to say that the scope of online examination system in India seems to be bright enough and full of opportunities.



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