Overview of Hiring Trends that will Rule in the year 2020!

The year 2019 came across as a rough time for the recruiters in terms of hiring-

“Talent shortage remained a real issue in the current market. Almost three quarters (72.8%) of employers faced a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% of employers were concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents.”

Very soon we will be concluding with the year 2019 that brought a lot many changes in the recruitment ecosystem. We cannot disagree with the fact that many new concepts and technologies took over various stages of the hiring process, but the impact that was expected remained a bit sour.


Well we have a lot of expectations with the coming year and on this very same note we would like to further ponder on the hiring trends that will counter the lot many challenges of this year, bringing brighter hopes for our dear recruiters in the coming year.

Better Implementation of Referral Programs

“82% of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment (ROI)”

We should never underestimate the power of “word of mouth” especially when social networking has become a huge source for spreading information. Your current employees hold great powers to get you your next perfect hire but only if you introduce a proper referral program to them.

Referral program is a method through which recruiters get hires with the help of social network of the current employees. The main driving factor of any referral program is the referral fee which the employee receives when recommending potential candidates for the job.

The basic of any referral program is to first define a proper goal and then educate the employees over the same. Also, briefing them on the proper use of referral system will make the complete procedure more easy and impactful.

Non-traditional Hiring over Resume Based Hiring

For a very long time resumes have been a significant source to identify a person’s skill and knowledge but now the time has changed. Non-traditional hiring is becoming one of the most trending sources in HR and it is only bound to increase in the coming year. Some of the examples of non-traditional hiring methods are-

➤   Administering a pre-employability test – Such tests are created, conducted as well as evaluated with dedicated online assessment platform meant for corporates. With the use of online exam tool recruiters can design any sort of pre-employability assessment such as- aptitude test, personality test, skills test, test for coding, etc.

Administering these tests in advance gives recruiters the benefit of screening only relevant candidates who perform well in the pre-employability test. Hence, it is a sure way to get your hands on only job fit candidates which definitely saves a lot of time and money.

➤   Asynchronous video interviews – 2019 witnessed the trend of video interviews which brought a radical change to hiring efficiency. Now, asynchronous video interviews are taking the charge.

Recruiters can pre-define the questions and put them in form of a video interview which can be answered by the candidates in a particular time frame. This type of interview does not require the presence of the recruiter and gives a better flexibility and reach out to candidates across the globe.

➤   Use of Gamification – The trend of Gamification has been quite popular in the past year especially in the educational industry but HR industry is no exception to it. The mechanics of gamification involves a diverse user-engagement design which can tell a lot about the candidate. Solving real-time problems, probing into job specific requirements and getting a hand on experience, gamification sorts many such aspects which can never be done through traditional hiring methods.

Getting prepared for Gen Z

In the coming years corporates are going to witness a boom in the hiring of Gen Z! Right now Millenials are occupying a lot of space in corporates and recruiters have become habitual of dealing with their needs and requirements. But now the time is emerging when very soon Gen Z will start to take over the jobs and are the recruiters ready for them?

The tactics that have been working on present generation can’t be used on them and to sort this challenge recruiters need to understand there requirements from the job role and work place. Also how to recruit and retain these candidates effectively is a task on which they need to ponder.

Seeking beyond the typical skill set

“84% of recruiters say culture fit is a prominent factor in the hiring process.”

The world of recruitment is facing fierce competition for recruiting the top talent. Getting candidates that are both culturally fit as well as best on skills is a challenge and this is the reason why recruiters are moving beyond the industry standards. Hiring the candidates that are more compatible with learning new skills are more preferable and are being hired faster than others.

Such candidates are the one who can evolve with time being an asset for the corporates and also there flexibility makes them apt for being culturally fit.


2019 witnessed a vast development in hiring trends right from the integration of online assessment platform to video interviews and broadening the horizons by changing most of the conventional methods. The year 2020 is only bound to get better, bigger and more rocking for all the recruiters out there. So hang on to happy hiring!

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