Online Examination Software: What are its features? What are its Pros & Cons?

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The world has gone through some major crisis since it has been drastically hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. This led to many sectors and industries revamp their existing systems to suit the requirements of “new normal”. One of the industries that have been through the most challenging time recently is the educational industry! Conducting classes and assessments became next to impossible when the lockdown was imposed across the globe and the only way out left was live online classes and online examination software.


What is Online Examination Software?


Online Examination Software is a smart technology that has been exclusively created to automate the entire assessment process. Right from creating, conducting to even evaluation of tests, online exam software covers all of it. It is a robust, accurate and systematic method to conduct online exams from a remote location without any geographical restrictions. The major application of online exam software are-

  • ✫  Educational Industry- Assessment is one of the major pillars that maintain the strength of the education system. Admission tests, competitive/entrance tests, yearly/quarterly tests, and even weekly tests are the regular part of an education system. Competitive/entrance exams had already started to shift on the online platform but after the COVID-19 lockdown, the other types of exams have also started being conducted through examination software.
  • ✫  Corporate Industry- Organizational sectors are involved in a continuous process of hiring, training, and promotion of the employees. All of these require assessments to come to a definite understanding. For the hiring process, pre-employability tests are mainly used which are conducted through an online platform as it is scalable and can test candidates from across the globe at once.


What are the features of Online Examination Software?

Online assessment software is a repository of features that have been designed to provide the ultimate ease and accuracy to its users. Some of its most acclaimed features are-

Variety of question types

A user gets the feasibility to add a large variety of questions to the test being created, some of which are-

  • ✫  Single Choice Questions
  • ✫  Multiple Choice Questions
  • ✫  Match the Column
  • ✫  Fill in the blanks
  • ✫  True or False
  • ✫  Integer Type
  • ✫  One Word Type
  • ✫  Yes or No Type
  • ✫  Essay type
  • ✫  Subjective type

Management of Question Bank

Examination software comes with an inbuilt feature to allow a test creator to create its very own question library with the existing questions or to create a new one. In the question section, the user can also add multimedia options such as images, videos, or texts with creative fonts. With a proper ratio of different variety of questions and multi-media options, the user can create a question paper that is fun and interactive for the test takers.


Customization features

Every educator, trainer, or recruiter has got its own individual requirements when creating a test. This is why online assessment software has got many customizable features some of which are-

  • ✫  Customized themes
  • ✫  Customized test templates
  • ✫  Customized certificate creation
  • ✫  Customized question bank


Candidate Management

Online exams can be either conducted on few candidates or can even be a large scale exam having a large pool of candidates as participants. When there is a large pool of candidates to handle, the administrator can divide them into groups. These groups can be specified through the name of the subject, stream, course, or any other specialization.


Report Generation

For any assessment to be concluded as a success, it is important to generate a comprehensive report that can show in-depth score analysis for every test taker. The reports automatically generated by online exam software are highly accurate and consists of-

  • ✫  Rank
  • ✫  Net Marks Scored
  • ✫  Section-Wise Marks Scored
  • ✫  Net Percentage Scored
  • ✫  Section-Wise Percentage Scored
  • ✫  Final Result
  • ✫  Section-Wise Result
  • ✫  Net Positive Marks
  • ✫  Section-Wise Positive Marks
  • ✫  Net Negative Marks
  • ✫  Section-Wise Negative Marks
  • ✫  Net Attempted Questions
  • ✫  Section-Wise Attempted Questions
  • ✫  Net Skipped Questions
  • ✫  Section-Wise Skipped Questions
  • ✫  Net Correct Questions
  • ✫  Net Incorrect Questions
  • ✫  Difficulty Level of a Questions

Some of the other added features are-

  • ✫  The answers provided by the student are fed into the system in real-time.
  • ✫  Students can change the chosen option.
  • ✫  Unmark the selected option.
  • ✫  Mark for review feature.
  • ✫  Back up is maintained in case of connection loss or sudden power cut.


What are the Pros & Cons of Online Examination Software?



  • ✫  It is scalable. The online test can be administered on a large pool of students at once irrespective of their geographical locations.
  • ✫  It decreases the administrative burden and also eliminates the requirement of a test center.
  • ✫  Its features are compatible to create all types of tests for any type of industry or sector.
  • ✫  Exams can be created and taken on one’s own device from a remote location.
  • ✫  Because it is easy to create a test using online assessment software, so the tests can be created more often giving better insight into student learning or the training agenda.


  • ✫  An online test is entirely dependent on technology, so it is important to have a desktop or laptop to create or attempt an online test.
  • ✫  In areas where internet connection is poor, an online test cannot be conducted but you can conduct offline exam or paper based exam.


Think Exam the best Online Assessment Software for all!

Right from coaching centers to universities and corporates, Think Exam is a one-stop online assessment destination for all!



Already having millions of users across the globe, Think Exam has turned to become a leading online examination platform for not just educators but even recruiters. Some of the features and benefits that make Think Exam a robust technology are-

  • ✫  9 varieties of question types
  • ✫  Candidate management feature
  • ✫  Multiple types of test template
  • ✫  Customized themes
  • ✫  Customized certificates
  • ✫  Added tools on the test screen
  • ✫  Comprehensive reporting, and,
  • ✫  Mobile app
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