How to design a successful strategy for Campus Hiring?

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According to research: “About 74 percent of organizations today reported that talent acquisition is still a challenge for them. In 2019, 67 percent of organizations said campus hiring is the best channel to source talent.”

A campus strategy that is both effective as well as scalable is what matters when it comes to hiring talented candidates who are eager to show and acquire “new-age skills”. But corporates face a lot many challenges in the overall campus hiring process making it a strenuous task.

The strategy of campus hiring is not just limited to integrating online exam software or sorting out campuses. If we dissect the roadblocks in detail then actually there are three major challenges that the companies need to deal with-

  •  – Visiting every campus for a pre-placement talk
  •  – Screening candidates in alignment with their expected job roles
  •  – Navigating logistics and giving time on each and every campus

Apart from these three points, another very important step in campus hiring that concerns the recruiters are scheduling a structured interview and shortlisting candidates.

In the present time, acquiring a highly skilled talent for respective organizations has invoked competitiveness amongst recruiters and business leaders, inspiring them to create effective hiring strategy that is reliable even in long-term use.

So when we talk about a successful strategy for campus hiring we can literally sum it up in 4 basic steps rather than making it sound like rocket science.

Step -1 Increase Campus Knowledge

The background requirement to commence with this step is to first identify the job roles you want to fill and then sketch the competencies and skills that you are looking for in the candidate.

Now comes the part of enhancing campus knowledge, but how to go about it? Well, this phase largely depends on answering the “four W’s” that is-

  •  – Which institute to shortlist?
  •  – When to approach?
  •  – Whom to hire?
  •  – What to offer?

If the recruiter is not clear about any of these questions then the campus hiring season won’t be that fruitful, finally resulting in a waste of time, money, and logistics. Based on the chart of competencies that you have framed, you can pinpoint the campus which you need to visit and when to visit. Another aspect that is important is your own personal experience, the more you have participated in campus hiring sessions the more you know about it.

Step- 2 Decipher Modern Workforce

Every new generation of employees come with new expectation related to their work environment. A handsome salary package is undoubtedly a catch but today’s generation is seeking work satisfaction beyond the limits of salary. It is likely possible to ignite their determination and interest in your organization when they believe in your mission and motto. When they get the satisfaction of working for some greater purpose they are more bent toward hard work and dedication.

Step-3 Plan a Pre-Placement Week

To stand out amongst your competitors you need to fetch the best chance even before the start of the actual process. Visiting noted campuses way before, and understanding the dynamics of the place, works in your favor. This is the best opportunity to build your employer’s brand and appeal the potential candidates.

To keep the potential candidates engaged and interested in your organization you need to build a relationship with them.

By telling stories about your organization or sharing your notable personal experience you can make a lot of change in the overall campus hiring process. Hence a dedicated pre-placement week takes you a long way on your journey of finding the best candidates.

Step-4 Integrate the right assessment tools

Be it online exam software or an online quiz maker platform, whichever you choose should be perfect to serve your purpose.

Sorting the right candidates from a huge pool for the next round of interviews is one of the most important steps. This is when you need to seek the right technology and an online test platform that will enhance your efforts.

Think Exam is your right recruitment partner

The concept of integrating assessment tools is gaining huge fame in the world of recruitment for the best of reasons. Think Exam online test platform is designed to leverage those reasons and put them in favor of the recruiters who are on a hunt for the right fit for the assigned job role.

It helps you speed up hiring, streamline the interview process, and eliminates interviewer bias. Right from a highly interactive user interface to features that let you glide through the entire process seamlessly, Think Exam ensures that creating, conducting and evaluating of tests should be at its best.

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