Latest Campus hiring Trends you need to adopt in your recruitment strategy!

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“It has been estimated that around 1000+ companies, right from startups to MNCs hire more than 1,20,000 students from around 3,500+ colleges across India.”

Every year recruiters brace themselves to get new brilliant hires by scanning multiple campuses across India. They integrate all the latest tools and online exam software to make their campus hiring a sure success. Similarly, candidates also get their hopes high to land into their dream job with some renowned organization and prepare well for it. It is the two sides of the same coin and anticipation is what drives this whole process through.


Recruiters and hiring managers are in constant stress- cut-throat competition, finding the right fit, creating effective assessments, revamping the recruitment practice and avoiding possible dropouts are some of the challenges that accompany the campus hiring process.

We can be sure of the fact that recruiters aren’t stuck to the conventional methods and that they are definitely making smart use of online exam software for campus hiring. But is that enough? If we go with the whooping statistics (mentioned in the starting) then answer will be a definite NO!

To make a cut amongst the competition recruiters need to follow a perfect blend of technology along with these latest campus hiring trends.

Evaluate the proficiency in English

Corporates these days are always looking forward to expanding their business overseas so it is an absolute smart move to evaluate a candidate’s English proficiency. In the long run, having employees that can walk shoulder to shoulder with your endeavor to seek overseas clients, suppliers, buyers and stakeholders is a sure asset. Scientifically created English communication tests can help you identify the right candidate that meets the benchmark of your company.

Think Exam’s online exam software for campus hiring lets you create an objective test for getting an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s written English skills. This technology lets you get an idea of the candidate’s grammar, vocabulary and even creativity and innovative approach.

Pre-hire assessments for bias-free hiring

There was a time when a concept like bias was not given much of heed during hiring. Recruiters were fine even if their recruiting process was being driven by intuitive feelings and bias thoughts. But now, in this era, such an approach can become the biggest downfall of any organization. When online examination system is gaining all-time fame for its multiple benefits then it is almost imperative to use it for hiring. Pre-hire assessments are saving lots of recruiters across the globe from tripping over bad hires.

“According to a study, Hiring managers who utilize pre-hire assessments report 36% more satisfaction with their final decision than those who don’t.”

Think Exam’s campus recruitment solution consists of a repository of features to create any and every type of pre-hire test. Its scientific assessment part gives you the flexibility to evaluate the candidates on language, cognitive, personality and job functional skills. Also, you can enhance the level of your pre-employability tests by scheduling a live online interview with the candidate.

Spot the right candidate for sales

The sales team is largely responsible to drive the revenue part for any corporate. When looking for candidates who can compose your dream sales team, you need to be extra vigilant. With hundreds of candidates knocking on your door, identifying the right ones can become confusing. What if you can get an instant sneak peek into every candidate’s sales-specific skills through an interactive online test?

By using Think Exam’s personality test for corporates you can assess every candidate on five top personality dimensions that are- motivation, sociability, flexibility, integrity and organization skills. It provides benchmark scores for an ideal candidate and also analyses the skills based on comprehensive feedback.

Spot the right coding geek

“It has been noted that organizations are more than willing to pay 20% above the market level for quality coders and engineers.”  So, is it not fair to get your hands on the coders who can justify all your whooping investment?

Get yourself high-performing coders and job-fit developers through coding and Hackathon.

Hackathon also known as hackfest, hack day and codefest is actually a hacking marathon. All those who want to make their career in computer programming and software development become a part of hackathon. It is the best opportunity for every recruiter to pick coders who can perfectly fit in the job profile.

With Think Exam’s coding and Hackathon solution, you can conduct your very own hackathon with the help of online assessment platform. You can create your very own customized coding scenarios that reflect your business needs also you can develop pre- and post-training requirements.

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