Corporates to rely on Remote Technology during COVID-19 crisis

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Amidst the scare of COVID- 19 or coronavirus, the world market and industrial activities are facing a harsh backlash. Its current status has been termed as a global pandemic, with 124,518 confirmed coronavirus cases in 124 countries and territories around the world. It has drastically affected the economic trajectory for various nations where not just the trade market is witnessing its severe lows but also companies are facing difficult times.


World Health Organization (WHO) has released various cautions that must be followed if we are willing to be safe from the wave of COVID-19. These cautions include putting restrictions on traveling and gathering in crowded places because of which companies are opting for the alternative of work from home.

On one side it is an absolute “need of the hour” to follow the precautions but also, we cannot deny the fact that companies are going to suffer because of the decline in recruitment landscape and total shutdown.

Let’s take a look at the challenges that companies are likely to face during Coronavirus –

Fight coronavirus in the corporate with technology

The decline in Global Hiring

January and February are termed as the hiring season for the corporates and sadly this was the time when the coronavirus outbreak hampered the yearly global hiring process. Companies had to stop midway of their candidate screening and data analyzing process whereas the employees had to cancel the plan of switching the job. Overall it was a force stop on filling the recruitment funnel and now the process has to be delayed.

Cancellation of campus hiring

Campus hiring is a significant source for recruiters to get their hands on fresh talent. Organizations looking forward to filling their various job roles at once, seek the advantage of campus hiring. But, in the wake of coronavirus doom, students are avoiding traveling and are asked to remain at home. Conducting campus hiring which requires huge gathering and considerable interaction has to be restricted keeping the point of safety in mind.

Restriction in Travelling

International and domestic traveling is an integral part of the growth of any business. Traveling for business meetings and client interaction maintains the quality of business inflow. Any sort of traveling is being avoided; even the employees are not in favor of traveling to work, being restricted to the safety of home.

Recruitment being hampered with Geographical restrictions

Hiring capable talent irrespective of geographical location is what matters in recruitment. Now because of the scare of coronavirus borders have been sealed which has resulted in a shortage of candidates for interviews.

The above-mentioned points directly take us to the conclusion that organizations are suffering in a state of crisis. On the scale of growth, corporates are already witnessing a downfall whereas there is no surety of better days to come sooner. This is a desperate time when taking no step for the betterment will only add on to the loss. It is the responsibility of an organization to take a stronghold over such dire situations and safeguard the health and interest of anybody who is directly or indirectly associated with the business.

So what is the solution that the corporates can adopt to go swinging through this critical period?

Technology has always been a savior when it comes to replacing conventional methods. No need to sacrifice your employee’s safety when things can resume back to being normal with all the work being done as usual. We have time and again come across with the concept of recruitment solutions and various online assessment platforms, well guess what? This is the time to make use of this technology! Right from interviewing to hiring and even client interaction everything is possible with “remote technology’.

Recruitment solutions

With a range of online recruitment solutions available in the market, you can easily meet your recruitment requirements by interacting and interviewing the candidates in real-time. To replace the face to face interaction recruitments have the option of conducting live online interviews which is equally effective. It is a scalable process that can easily cross boundaries and connect you with better prospects anywhere across the globe. Also, it is useful in reducing manual efforts as everything is in a digital form. Time, day and date are something that you can fix according to mutual convenience and can also create competency-based structured interviews.

Online proctoring solution

Recruitment is accompanied by assessments. Especially the technical profiles require proper tests to be conducted before selecting any candidate for the final interview round. Using online exam software you can easily create online tests for any job profile and use an online proctoring solution to safeguard the test environment from cheating. Proctoring comes in three choices which are- manual, live and auto. Selecting any one of them has got its unique features and benefits. But overall remote/online proctoring is a comprehensive solution that gives the ease to both candidate and recruiter to conduct and give the test in an environment that is safe and preferable.

Online task management platforms

With many countries such already going in a state of lockdown, work from home is the only possible way to sustain business growth in the current scenario. There are many task management and tracking platforms available that can let you undertake all sorts of official tasks without compromising on the work quality. These platforms have got cloud storage services and have got vast space to store data securely.


To maintain an efficient consistency of tasks even at such turbulent times is a challenge that every corporate “has to” face sooner or later. The only best measure for the corporates to take at such a time is to leverage the technology.

Think Exam has got a plethora of corporate solutions that have been designed to meet all your recruitment requirements. Right from conducting online pre-employability tests to arranging live video interviews, we are your trusted partners in fight against Coronavirus.

This is not just the time to show surviving abilities but also you have to emerge out of it strongly. Being constantly informed about coronavirus development is also an important precaution. You can refer to the following websites for regular updates-

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