Coronavirus: How online assessments will help at the time of mass educational shutdown?

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“As of 16 March 2020, governments in 73 countries have announced or implemented school closures, including 56 countries which closed schools nationwide and 17 countries with localized school closures. Country-wide school closures have affected over 421 million learners globally while localized school closures has put over 577 million learners potentially at risk.”

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, all the government bodies across the globe are putting various mandatory restrictions. One of them has been the closure of educational institutions. It has to be noted that this move is not in particular to the scenario that the children are at risk but it has been done because overall reducing social contact is “the need of the hour”.


It has to be noted that this is particularly the time when various summative assessments and final tests are conducted, which has been affected because of this total shutdown. This has brought forth the need for finding alternative arrangements, which may include-

  • 》Considering the overall performance of students
  • 》Using supposed grades
  • 》Going through the coursework
  • 》Online assessments

Out of all the alternatives, conducting web based exams is the most feasible option.

At this point, online assessments is a welcoming change for both the exam takers as well for the administrators of the educational industry. The benefits that come with using online exam software have drastically increased at this time when conventional teaching and assessment practices are of no use.
To maintain a seamless flow of instructions and assessment at this crucial time, our only resort is to use live classes and online assessments.

Many teachers are still in belief that E-learning and web based exams are not as effective as face to face classroom instruction strategy, but the statistics collected overtime proves quite the contrary-

“The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%.”

In the flow of the very same discussion, let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing online examination software based assessments, especially at a time when they are the only saviors of educational requirements.

Today’s generation is the biggest consumer of digital platforms

The students these days are more comfortable with using technology and when they get a similar platform for attempting tests their productivity increases.

No requirement of administrative initiative

At this time when “Stay Home Stay Safe” is trending to fight Coronavirus then we cannot expect the administrative workforce to initiate in exam-related process. The best part with online exam software is that there is no requirement of printing, circulating and collecting answer sheets. The entire test creating, conducting and evaluating procedure is limited to the virtual platform.

Quick and efficient

In comparison to paper-based tests, online tests have a greater percentage of efficiency and accuracy. An online assessment platform is enabled with the automatic evaluation of tests and instant result generation because of which the overall speed right from the beginning till the end of the test procedure increases.

Scalable platform with worldwide reach

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, many students have gone back to their home towns or native countries. Examining bodies have the advantage to conduct online exams for students residing anywhere around the world. There is no geographical limitation and all that is required is a good internet connection.

Flexibility with remote proctoring

The technology of remote proctoring gives the ease to test takers to attempt the exams from the safety of their home. Remote/online proctoring ensures that the candidates cannot indulge in any fraudulence or cheating. Through various integrated AI features remote proctoring makes online assessments 100% cheat-proof.


Due to reduced dependency on logistics and administrative workforce, online tests are much more cost-effective than the conventional ones.

Think Exam: Your trusted online assessment partner

Think Exam online examination software has been curated to provide ultimate exam creation, conducting and evaluation ease to its users.

With its easy to integrate software specifications that are malleably compatible with your system, you can conduct tests for the students anywhere across the globe and share instant results. Think Exam has also got the feature of remote proctoring that makes your assessments secure and safe from cheating and fraudulence.

Don’t let the continuity of education suffer because of COVID-19 shutdown. Switch to online learning and assessment platforms and Think Exam stands with you!



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