How online teaching platform can help schools affected by Coronavirus?

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“At this point, I’m feeling overwhelmed. In the course of 72 hours, our school district shut down, we had to scramble to prepare lessons for students and now we’re on a shelter-in-place order.”- Words of a respondent

The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus has resulted into the closure of educational institutions across the globe for indefinite time. Well we can’t be sure of when the situation will improve but what we can do is not break the constant chain of learning. Many online teaching tools and online exam software are available in the E-Learning market that can prove to be a boon at this particular time of crisis.


“[I need] any online resources that students in grades k-12 can use at home.”

A survey by TT survey respondent brought forth the words (rather emotions) of thousands of teachers across the globe that they are in desperate need of digital platform to initiate active learning and assessments. They are not willing to give up and their contribution to COVID-19 fight is their determination to still educate the learners even if not face-to-face then through online teaching platform.

How online teaching can contribute at such a time and become a savior for not just teachers but also for the students?

To discuss about the eminence of online teaching in the present time we must look at its features and benefits. Going through its characteristics will help us determine how it is a perfect fit to meet the educational needs in the current scenario.

Adaptability and flexibility

Online teaching platform gives opportunity to the teachers to personalize their learning. You can easily plan the learning process according to your convenience instead of following a fixed timetable. Its features are diverse which gives you a lot of scope related to customizing your teaching approach.

Inspires the learners

This is the phase when students can explore their own learning habits and get meaningful insights to what are their ideal learning strategies. They get the space to explore with online learning and teachers can initiate by creating a learning environment that is more self reliant and self-driven. Ultimately this can lead to self-growth which will be motivating for students.

Easy accessibility

Right from teachers to students everybody gets the benefit of easy accessibility to a learning platform. E-learning software is usually available in app form which can be integrated with any device such as mobile phones and tablets. Also, it has got live class features with which teachers can interact with students providing the experience of face to face learning from remote location.

Conduct online tests

Online examination system is diverse and can be integrated with the online learning model without any hassle. It is the most effective way to assess the learning of your students in a online learning program. It comes with robust and efficient features that let you create tests, mock tests, quizzes and more. If you are too keen on making variety of quizzes you can also use an online quiz maker which has got plethora of possibilities for creating a quiz that will generate interest in your students.

Virtual trips

This is comparatively a new feature in online teaching which enables you to virtually visit places anywhere across the globe. You can bring a level of excitement in your students by planning virtual trips and letting them see places about which they have heard in their text books. Even at the time of lockdown you can give them the freedom to roam around in different places and learn more about them. This feature naturally transforms the ordinary instructional methods to a more interesting one.

Saves money and time

If you are in a misconception that online educational platforms are expensive then you are wrong!
E-Learning platform and even online exam software are quite affordable in comparison to your conventional form of teaching. Moreover it saves a lot of time as everything is automatic and fast.


We need to fight and overpower this situation in which we are stuck right now. This is the time to use digital platforms for our advantage and not feel helpless. Teachers are always bound to meet their responsibility and with the help of E-learning and online exam software they can continue to teach their students without any hassle.

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