Campus to Corporate- A strategical formula for entering a corporate


A transition from campus to corporate is a big challenge for a fresher. From assignment to semester from work and deadline. As a student, it is a more carefree life like bunking classes, examination, skipping lessons, etc, whereas as a professional is a concern a person has to be on time, take initiative, communicate with the subordinates, etc. According to the manager’s perspective, there is a constant pressure for meeting the deadline and expand knowledge. It requires an understanding of the corporate environment. Campus to corporate needs planning and innovation to solve a problem.  Every high-rank student has to go through the corporate culture in his or her life. At entry-level they are freshers and they learn new things and their growth depends on their right attitude, skills, and ownership. Campus to corporate transition depends on the vision of the corporate and the ability of the candidate to deploy the knowledge.

Campus to Corporate training is a secured formula for helping a student to enhance his skills in corporate life. It gives basic knowledge about how to enhance corporate communication and managing time, also it is beneficial in setting up goals, teamwork, stress management, etc.

What is Corporate Strategy?

Corporate Strategy is the approach for taking strategic decisions based on the nature of the business so as to growth value. In order to design the strategy, it is important to decide whether it would fit into the organization in the organization. It would include optimizing the capital, governance and processing the strategy, etc. Allocation of the resources is important for maintaining the strategy. People are the important competencies of the organization and company ensures they are assigned well. The appropriate placing of talent is advisable for the growth of the organization.

Job Market in India is booming up at a high pace, A graduate candidate looks for a suitable job. There are numerous companies in the organization with good work culture and which students also look forward to working with them. Thousands of companies in the market hire many young candidates every year. On-campus- drive gives a better chance to decide and they are secure to choose the company as per the requirement. Whereas in the off-campus drive they can choose the place which they want to work and the domain in which they want to go in. If seen things as per the student perspective, they look for campus placements, because it becomes easy for them to find the entry-level job without any reference.

In today’s work culture, graduates have a different perspective and plans as compared to earlier ones. This time it is the recruitment companies who need to speed up their process.

A company needs to have an effective strategy for pacing up the recruitment process for recruiting the right talent in the organization.

How an organization can attract new Talent?  

84% of companies feel hiring is important for the growth of the organization. Nowadays start-up companies are hiring fresh talent, it is hard to find millennial and spot them for the perfect work. More effort is required on branding and sourcing. Many organizations build their relationship with the campus to find the young talent for a suitable job.   As per the research, 98% of the organizations opt for campus fair which would help them to find the right candidate as per the job role. As far as millennials are a concern they hear about various companies through different resources such as friends, job portals, through social media or through walk-ins.

Social Media clearly tells about the company and reputation it has in the market. If the student is liking the company he or she would definitely go to that organization and put his or her best efforts to be part of that organization.


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