Advantages of Job Specific Functional Test for new hires


Hiring is a long term process for selecting the best candidates in the organization. Hassle-free hiring is an intensive task which consists of recruitment, selecting, evaluating and screening. HR managers plan and execute the process as per the requirement of the position. Outdated HR practices do not contribute to the improvement of the hiring process, also it distracts the recruiters to do an important task. As far as Job Functional Tests are concerned it identifies ability whether he is able to meet the critical demands of the job role. ‘People’ is an important asset for the organization. It helps in expanding the reach and the development of the organization. Job Specific Functional Test streamlines the hiring process, it filters the candidate as per the test is given and hire the job fit candidate. In this competitive world, it is a difficult task to hire the job fit candidate as per the job role. For the development of the company, it is important to hire the right candidate as per the job role. A good candidate plays a vital role in the growth of the organization. In streamlining the hiring process, HR should fit the right talent in the right position with the right skills.   

Troubles which HR face after the interview

After conducting the Interview, HR faces various problems such as :

  • Collecting quality talent
  • Screening bulk candidates
  • Authentic skill assessment
  • Conducting Interview rounds
  • Selecting candidates on the basis of given insights

A solution to these problems

For non-stagnant hiring process, structured hiring is the only way for it. Structured hiring plays a vital role in scheduling interviews, assessing candidates, selecting candidates and joining. Selection of the candidates should be unbiased, faster and easier. Structured hiring can be possible by combining relevant technology such as Application Tracking System and Talent based assessment, this would help in making the accurate decision for hiring.

Why Job Specific Functional Test?

Job Specific Functional Test is also known as a Domain-specific Test, In this competitive world organizations face problem in finding a culture fit candidate, even applicant face challenges in finding a suitable job according to their skills. 

Job Specific Functional Test standardized the hiring process which helps in meeting the talent need for the organization.

  • Bulk Hiring: Job-Specific Functional Test is apt for bulk-hiring in an organization. It saves your time and it is effective.
  • Seamless scheduling: This test is appropriate for scheduling interviews and screening.
  • Data-Driven Selection: It is helpful in the data-driven process for selecting the candidates.

Points to remember for choosing accurate  recruitment platform :  

There are some crucial points which you need to keep in mind for selecting the appropriate recruitment process which are:



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