Changing the way of using psychometric assessment

Whether the company is big or small, everybody looks for a better way of expanding the business. Organizations are analyzing, researching, changing, twisting and turning to make the work interesting. Psychometric assessment is playing a significant role in running the business smoothly.

It is proven psychometric offers good returns on investment. Like any other thing,  business is based on a prediction. Vast organizations are seeking the help of psychometric test for assessing the individual behavior, advancement and other necessary activities.


According to the research, 68 % of the organization is utilizing various forms of job skill testing for running an organization. 29% other forms of psychological measures and 20% are based on a cognitive test. This test forms an essential element of a psychometric test, Also it is playing a significant role in organizational success.

Applications of Psychometric  Test

  • ⇒ Recruitment
  • ⇒ Training and Development
  • ⇒ Organizational Planning
  • ⇒ Performance Evaluation
  • ⇒ Employee Engagement

Psychometric Assessments has been in the application since the 19th century, organizations are using educational psychology for various HR process. Psychometric assessment is used in finding the right potential. It enables HR to fulfill myriad HR objectives ranging from evaluating profiles, predicting behaviors and analyzing job performance.

To fulfill the objective effectively, HR professionals need to embrace a multi-criteria approach, which means combining all the complementary test results together for a comprehensive and accurate analysis of a candidate. The idea is to differentiate the criteria of behavioral competencies, job fitment, and culture fit.   

As per the Harvard Business Review study, the combined use of personality and intelligence test increases the recruitment efficiency by 15% as compared to another recruitment test. The HR role is to combine the cognitive ability test, sales aptitude test and effective evaluation. In, 2002, Sara Rynes, Kenneth Brown and Amy Colbert conducted a study which has raised eyebrows in the business world.

It resolute, whether the ideologies remained consistent as per the established resource finding to check the effectiveness of HR practices. The survey identified that staffing is the area of disconnect.

There should be a comprehensive approach for combining the comprehensive test results for predictive and accurate analysis. The multiple approaches are easy to implement a psychometric assessment to integrates the smart data algorithm to permit HR professionals for accurate and predictive talent.


Ways for predictive Psychometric Assessment:


Boost your recruitment and selection process

The organization looks for a better screening process so they ‘ll be to identify and culture fit easily. Their motive is to cut down the recruitment cost. A one step forward could be a step forward to enhance overall growth in the business. It reduces 30-40% of the recruitment cost. It provides a good and valid prediction.

Enhancing onboard training

The first onboard training starts with making employees comfortable. Every employee feels anxious and nervous whenever he or she joins a new job. Talking with ease in a situation and assisting them in the new data and motivating them to enhance their productivity effectively.

Creating a Collaborative Team

Psychometric Assessment can help an organization to improve the business by creating a collaborative team. It plays an important role in unraveling someone’s personality, also it boosts someone’s motivation, leadership, social skills, and stress handling level. Having all this information, it would help an organization to develop an integrated team.

Reduction in Turnover   

The total cost of turnover is 90-200% of an individual’s annual salary. The cost includes replacement cost, lost opportunity cost, acquisition cost, training cost and so on. A psychometric test can help you in fixing these costs.

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