How does Online Proctoring Software work? How to appear in a Remote Proctored Exam?

Online Proctoring starts with authentication. The remote proctoring software determines the examinee’s authentication and removes the suspicious behavior of the candidate. Even before the exam starts, the exam certifies that the candidate is active on screen sharing with audio and video recording. The online proctoring software needs students to represent their photo ID once the test starts. Remotely proctored exams are timely exams that monitor the complete activity of the examinee. 

The covid-19 outbreak has shifted students and teachers to go online. Therefore, schools and universities are relying on online exam software for conducting exams. Though, they have landed at the right place for keeping learning ongoing. It supports all the activities of the online exams. Most importantly, it is maintaining the integrity of the exam. After completing the exam, it transfers the recorded data to the proctoring service for review. 

With the new-age technology tool, schools and universities are focusing on flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and consistency of education. In the education domain, online learning is essential and keeps track of the student’s progress. There is a huge demand for remote proctoring software in the market because of its new-age technology. 

How does online proctoring software work? 

Online Proctoring Software is reliable, robust, and dynamic and it is cloud-based. However, many organizations are relying on the conventional form of exams. Also, it is almost unimaginable to conduct exams without remote proctoring software. 

  • • Authentication of candidate: It checks the legitimacy of a candidate and eliminates any dubious behavior during the exam. Before starting the exam, a candidate has to authenticate himself, and only the authenticator can identify the candidate.
  • • Real-time monitoring: While taking the exam, the algorithm monitors the candidate and raises the flag if something is found suspicious. The invigilator can keep a check on the movement of the candidate. If the candidate is found in any suspicious activity, the invigilator can raise a flag if anything is found suspicious. Although, raising the flag in real-time.
  • • Data storage: The audio and video of the recording are preserved in the cloud, and you can review it anytime. A student cannot cheat during the online proctoring exam. It becomes the responsibility of the authority to conduct the exam securely. 

Online Proctoring Software is rendering cheating impossible. Students cannot bypass the security as it will disable the web-enabled functions during the exams. Students should avoid using mobile phones during the exam, as it would be considered malpractice. It will terminate the exam if the student is found using multiple devices. After finishing the exam, the invigilator reviews the exam session. A Candidate should have proctoring software enabled in their system. However, it may take time to review the file if it is a large file. The software would record the audio and video from your webcam. 

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