How to attend a formative assessment with Think Exam?

Formative assessment discovers the thinking skills of the student. Designing the right assessment is quite pricky for teachers as they need to figure out the path on which they have to move on. They look forward to channelizing the student’s learning. Although, when it comes to determining what students want, students look for more information. Educators are looking for different ways of learning. A formative online examination system is seamless and manages the complete workload for conducting the assessment.

The journey of the universities and colleges has come a long way in the covid-19 pandemic. It is giving rise to Ed-tech companies in the upcoming decades. Considering the new evolving technology, online exam software is hit out in the market, as it is emphasizing the teaching-learning process. With formative assessment, teachers and students would know they have good clarity of understanding at the individual level.

The objective behind designing the assessment is to evaluate the student’s learning. It is helpful for teachers to create quizzes, question banks, and daily homework for continuous learning. Therefore, it is a calculative approach for assessing the students continuously. 

Bringing assessment for classroom experience 

Computer based examination is an ago experience for assessing the student’s knowledge. However, scrutinizing the learning manually can be a challenging task for teachers. You need a medium to deliver a formative assessment. Formative assessment consists of Multiple choice questions, Fill in the blanks, and quizzes. 

Tips to attempt formative assessment with Think Exam 

Here are a few tips to attempt formative assessments which are as follows; 

  • Go through the e-content: Dive into the curriculum and study material and go through every nitty-gritty of the content so that you can come up with a better learning outcome.
  • Take a mock test: Before giving the final exam, attempt a mock exam to get rid of the exam nervousness. Also, it would help you to have a hassle-free experience.
  • Read instructions carefully: Before giving the final exam, read the instructions carefully. Do not miss any steps, this might lead to missing out on options
  • Attempt all the questions: Attempt all the questions and review them before submitting them. Avoid leaving many questions unanswered. Then submit the final answers and check your grades. 

Similarly, strategizing the examination would help streamline the entire examination process and enhance students’ thinking skills. Most universities and colleges are dependent on online exam software because it helps conduct the secure examination. Student assessment has modified the new millennium. Technology has altered the conventional form of exams. Also, it gives students insight into the teachers for evaluating their learning skills.

Moreover, organizations are relying on this form of technology to hire appropriate candidates and prevent misfires. It saves their time and streamlines the entire recruitment process. Right from screening to the onboarding process, online examination software makes it fairer and smooth. It gathers information and identifies the areas which require improvement.

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