Online Test Proctoring: Making Online Assessments Better and Safe

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Online test proctoring is part of the e-learning process and is revolutionizing the country’s education system. Modern technologies and innovations are bringing rapid changes in every sector and through online proctoring software the education system is getting better and advanced day by day. Through this method, students can enjoy a continuous virtual experience to learn new skills.


What is Online Test Proctoring?

We are all aware of how the invigilation process works in the offline examination. Experienced invigilators are hired to physically monitor the applicants and subsequently assigned to their respective centers, where they are responsible for maintaining a cheat-proof, rigorous test-taking environment.

In the case of Online Test Proctoring, the invigilation process is the same but it is automated. Remote Proctoring allows a proctor to monitor an ongoing online exam with the feasibility of AI integrated online proctoring software.

Online Test Proctoring: Making Online Assessments Better and Safe

For a typical online proctored exam, you must need to install the software on your computer. During the exam, the online proctoring software will assess your computer and webcam and you have to verify your identity by holding your ID to the camera, moreover, you can also verify your identity through facial recognition. Next you may be asked to type a short phrase so that the keystrokes are analyzed and compared with previous samples.

Some of the Benefits Online Test Proctoring are:

  1.       Accuracy – The software can handle huge data which is a brainstorming task for humans and is subject to some serious errors that can ruin the outcome and one of the benefit is that it can analyze any amount of data with precision. The efficiency and application of AI grows every day and this is the reason why it can be dependent on more than humans when making decisions.
  2.       Efficiency – When any process is automated, it is more effective in comparison with manual methods. The integration of AI in online proctoring software enables the administrator to set the objective and consistent assessments with efficiency. It also adds to the feature of Online Test Proctoring by giving a detailed analysis of individual candidates in real-time scenarios.
  3.       Eliminates Biases – In general, people are inclined towards stereotypes and biases, but this is not the case with this tool. It does not consider any irrelevant factor while making decisions rather it only relies on the installed programming and real data.
  4.       Engagement – This AI based tool can improve the quality of the online exam by providing the best experience to its users, making it an interesting software to use. Especially when it is used for recruiting purposes as it improves the selection process for both candidates and recruiters to make better decisions.


Online Test Proctoring is a new trend in the education system that has opened doors to many possibilities in the online assessment sector. For the education industry, it is a boom and one needs to adapt the ease of this technology to keep the integrity and credibility of the online exam, which has now become a “new standard” concept since the lockdown.




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