Remote Proctoring Software: The ultimate tool to safeguard Online Exams!

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The remotely proctored exam refers to an online assessment tool through which a proctor can evaluate the exam from a remote location. The exam is proctored by an invigilator using remote proctoring software and tools.

The software can track the student’s movements while giving the exam and if there are any suspicious actions recorded then it alerts the examiner to take the required action. Also, there are various features like ID identification, real-time monitoring, secure browser, data analytics, and much more.


There are numerous advanced remote proctoring services that have many safety and security features that do not allow students to cheat during the exam.

But students have a lot of tricks to cheat during the exam, to prevent such things there are many features that have been updated through the remote proctoring software. 

A student might cheat during the examination but he or she should be aware that the proctoring tool is much smarter than them.

Let’s look at some of the important tools and features of the remote proctored exam:

Web proctored feature

In this feature, the invigilator gets to know how many times the students had navigated away from the screen. If there is too much navigation seen in the proctored exam,  then the examiner can send the red flag notification to the student and he can suspend and terminate the test. 

Therefore students must take care that they do not move or navigate much while giving remotely proctored exams,  as it might send alert signals to the invigilator.

Image proctored

While giving the remote proctored exam,  you must remember that the live webcam always keeps an eye on you. It catches all the movements you have done during the online proctored exam.

The advanced remote proctoring software feature sends the examiner random screenshots of your images while writing the online test and if there is suspicious behavior found then you might end up not giving the test.

Live Video

This is a common feature of all remote proctoring services, the examiner can monitor students while giving the test through the live webcam. This might make some students feel uncomfortable, but the top schools and universities have adopted this method if the student is far from the exam location and to make sure that the students do not cheat during the online exam. 

Also, it permits the examiner to intervene in between if the student is seen cheating and immediately can end the test.

Chat with students

In the chat feature, the examiner can make any important announcement to the student while giving an exam or can also alert them if they are behaving in a wrong manner.

For e.g. If there is an error in the question paper, the invigilator can alert them through chat features. 

Check live feed history

This advanced online proctoring feature permits the proctor to check the live feed of any candidate at any stage of the exam. If the proctor feels that there is any suspicious activity, the invigilator can pull the history of the live web test at any point in time and give warning.

Suspend or end test

There can be a misconception amongst the students that they can get away from cheating, eventually, they cannot. The advanced remote proctoring solution have an exceptional feature that catches students cheating within a few seconds. If the student is caught in suspicious behavior many times then the proctor has the right to end or suspend the test of that student.

These are some of the important features of the remote proctored exam that students should make a note while taking an online proctored exam and make sure that they do not get into any cheating technique.

If you indulge in such activities you must know that a test proctor or an examiner might take some action which might make you feel regret for your own actions.

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