What are some of the most common methods of on-screen cheating?

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Till now the offline system of examinations proved quite hectic and time-taking for the invigilators which restricted any other engagements that they could be having. The conventional form of invigilation is not just inconvenient but also lacks accuracy, making it a not-so-reliable form of maintaining a cheat-proof test environment.

Now times have changed and we have moved forward gradually transiting into the online exam ecosystem with the introduction of an Online Remote proctoring software. It takes care of all the nitty gritties that bothered the invigilators helping them and the educational system to offload their burdens and breathe a bit.

With a fantastic remote proctoring software program in hand, the educational system is in for a welcoming revolution that will change the traditional views and opinions towards the entire institution of education.

It is a helping hand extended towards the educational fraternity with its innovative concepts, creative models, a foolproof working process, and complete solution to take online exams without having to compromise on any important issue.

With the help of online test proctoring, test takers are now able to demonstrate a lot of efficiency to ace the online proctored exams. The examinees have shown a lot of transition in how they try to manipulate from passing chits, whispering, and eyeballing to leveraging technological advancements to cheat online.

Ways of cheating in online exams used by students

– A common form of cheating applied by students is using a proxy or an impersonator to take the web proctored exam. They try to leverage the remote invigilator’s inability to identify genuine test-takers.

EXTERNAL HELP – Sometimes students seek help from friends and family who are sitting casually beside or behind the monitor, holding placards with answers. This is also one way to cheat effortlessly used by students.

EMPLOYING DIGITAL DEVICES – It has been seen that smartphones, calculators, Bluetooth earphones are some of the most misused items used during the online proctored exams. They are used to store answers for surfing the web or getting information.

The new belief now is that cheating in an online remote exam is easier than in a traditional exam. So students employ tactics to help them succeed academically without having to work hard. But technology is a significant enabler in making online exams cheating-free. Using advanced Proctoring Technologies with its robust features enables institutes to conduct an end-to-end secure online examination while maintaining its integrity.

The important question that can be asked is, ‘how can one remotely monitor what’s happening on the test taker’s screen? Because invigilators don’t have the know-how of what to check and expect when unfair means are used.

The list of hacks adopted by students from using external devices like micro-USB, browsing through restricted web pages for answers to sharing your screen with other test-takers is truly expansive. But this issue sadly has not been prioritized and taken seriously and so cheating remains a bold, free and common phenomenon.

Types of on-screen cheating


One of the most conventional forms of cheating in an online exam is copy-paste work. Whether it is keeping the answers ready in a word doc, notepad, or using study material from a separate document, these traditional, reliable forms of cheating have found quite some takers among students. As the eyes of the student are glued to the screen the invigilator may not notice the copy-paste work done underhand and thus he may not flag it off as a concern.

Screen sharing/Mirroring

When giving exams online candidates often misuse multiple and ubiquitous software like screen-sharing or mirroring apps being one of them. The app allows another person to remotely view the exam screen and feed the test-taker with answers.

Online Browsing

The power of the internet has made online cheating a pleasant breeze. Students trying to cheat very easily switch from their exam screens, and navigate through various websites, search engines, and social media pages to get answers. They paste the questions onto the URL and find the best solutions.

Use of external devices

External devices like hard drives, USB, and Micro SD are easy to conceal and difficult to detect and standard tools for online cheating. Whether before or during the test the students plug them for easy use. Use of Bluetooth and other virtual machines

The tech-savvy students don’t find it difficult to configure machines with their computers before the start of the exam and then directly copy from them. It is the same for Bluetooth-integrated devices like smartwatches which are used to relay answers to students.

Task Switching

A very common form of cheating is switching from one screen to another. By using keyboard shortcut controls like Win, Alt+tab, Alt+F4, F1, Ctrl+P, and print screen, online cheating becomes easily possible. When technology can help to cheat it can help to remove these malpractices away too.

Safe Exam Browser(SEB) is a web browsing service that helps to carry out e-assessments securely. The software turns any computer into a secure workstation temporarily. SEB runs on a local computer and is connected via the internet to a learning management system or an e-assessment system. SEB works with any web-based LMS and other kinds of web-based exam systems.


Some students prefer smart work over hard work and try to fulfill their motives with the help of digital tools and technical accessibility. Educationists on the other hand must protect the dignity and integrity of their respective colleges, course, or certificate.

To preserve the sanctity of online examination system there is a growing need to keep a strict eye on the malpractice of cheating intensifying a stricter focus on monitoring, analysis, and scrutiny. With the help of the same technology which is used by students to gain an advantageous edge unethically the educationists and concerned personnel can prevent cheating by applying fool-proof processes and smarter measures to bring this corrupt practice to an end.

The world of learning has become more real, challenging, and wonderful too and it’s about time the services of MSB are used and leveraged to measure the real-time, the caliber of their students and to prepare them for a bright, efficient, and productive career and life.

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