How to make your coaching institute future ready for digital education?

How to make your coaching institute future ready for digital education?

The state of COVID-19 crisis has brought some major changes to the ongoing systems and one of them is the shift of conventional classrooms to online teaching platforms. If various assumptions are to be believed, this educational shift will be prolonged for too long with a little chance of things going back to how they were.

Luckily, our Ed-tech industry was well prepared to cater to this sudden educational switch through its technological enhancements such as online exam software and live class system which is one of its most credible innovations. We all can see how these tech innovations are maintaining the educational balance even at the time of nationwide lockdown.

As we all know, the educational industry is diverse and coaching centers are one of the eminent pieces of this ecosystem. If this switch in the educational industry from offline to online won’t be embraced by the coaching institutes then it can turn into a two-sided loss. Not just the academic pillars will get weaken but also the coaching center owners will face a backlash.

So do you think that your coaching institute is ready to cater to the demands of this growing shift to digital education? If not then read on to know how you can transform your conventional coaching center to a tech-smart teaching place.


Adopt online examination system

Learning is incomplete without a proper assessment. To keep track of student learning in this digital era the best method is to integrate online exam software to your coaching curriculum. It gives you a unique blend of efficiency and accuracy when testing your students. Also, it makes the whole examination process quite fast. You can create, conduct, and evaluate all types of tests/mock tests on one platform and even share the reports which are generated instantly, with the students.


Create a live class setup

These days you can find many free and paid live class providing websites making rounds in the Ed-tech market. You need to take a hold of one that suits your budget as well as your requirement after which you can start using it to render live classes. Having a dedicated coaching institute is a boon in this case as you already have an appropriate place which only needs to be equipped with-

  •  – A camera that has good specifications
  •  – A sound recording system
  •  – Proper lighting system
  •  – A whiteboard


Don’t forget an online quiz maker

Online teaching can have an element of boredom if you fail to provide a variety of content to your students. This is why you must keep an online quiz maker handy to bring some excitement to your curriculum. Quizzes can be really fun if you add some creativity to them. Students love attempting quizzes that are not strict on scoring and allow them to ponder their brains. Also, it solves your purpose of assessing the student’s knowledge daily which gives you better insights on your teaching approach as well.


Get involved in creating online courses

These days the trend of online courses is gearing on speed and every teacher wants to become a part of it. This domain has got a lot many benefits as the students are bending more towards the option of enrolling in online courses rather than physically going to a training institute.

As you are already privileged with holding experience as a teacher so creating online courses won’t be a challenge for you. All that you need to do is to select a niche and start creating online courses through a free website. You can add all sorts of educational documents, images, recordings, or even videos in an online course and sell them to your target audience.



Coaching centers have been an eminent part of every student/aspirant who looks forward to excelling in Government or entrance exams. Schools are bound by a limitation of curriculum which leaves little scope for such preparations making coaching centers the only hope to bridge this gap.

Adopting digital methods of teaching is not just an option but a priority for coaching businesses as not doing so will bring a sharp imbalance in the academic system. COVID-19 has already altered the conventional classroom system; hence coaching centers have got no choice to lag.



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