3 Ways to instantly switch your classroom into remote for online teaching!

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It might sound daunting to transform your conventional classroom to an online platform and create a whole virtual setup to start with it. It can become an all together a new experience for many teachers and even students to use technology in the learning process. Even if you have ever used online exam software still, setting up a virtual classroom can seem to be quite different.


In the given circumstances that we are facing due to the lockdown, many teachers are not left with much of time to start their online classes. But losing hope is not the choice when it comes to providing your students with the opportunity to continue learning.

There is nothing to worry! We stand with you in this fight, and here we have provided three ways which you can implement to setup your own virtual classroom within some time.

Search for reasonable options and choose your tools accordingly

Currently the E-Learning market is on a boom and on your search to a useful online learning tool you would find many options. You need to weigh your priorities and look for a tool that will effectively connect you with your students and promote continuous learning.

Once you are clarified of the core structure of your classroom you need to ponder on what type of online learning tools will gel well with it.

Tool for video conferencing– Video conferencing is an essential part of remote classroom. To continue with face to face learning, video conferencing helps in better connecting with your students.

Screen navigation tool– To explain your students about the entire functionalities of the tools you can use screen navigation to create a video of your own screen that will guide your students.

Tool for creating courses– For a proper classroom setup you require multiple types of tools and tool for creating courses is one of the most important of it all. You need to create interactive courses that will enhance student learning and help them with comprehensive study material.

Online exam software– We all have heard time and again about the benefits of online examination system. Learning is important but measuring the progress of learning is more important.

Try various communication methods

Create a fixed schedule- Create and share a time table with your students that will clearly indicate timings for each and every class. Make the instruction very clear and don’t leave any scope for doubt. Maintaining a proper communication keeps the relevancy of your virtual classroom. If students are switching to some other class then make sure to tell them the time for your next class and even you need to be on time as well.

Try to address their parents- Students participate in virtual classrooms from the space of their home so it is always much better to keep their parents in loop as well. You can conduct a weekly session with their parents and share their online assessment or quiz reports through the platform of an online quiz maker.

Make feedback your strength– Getting feedback from students on how well your teaching methods are working can be useful in bringing necessary changes. Teaching structure should be adaptive and with regular feedbacks you can ensure the possibilities of growth in learning. Similarly, teachers should also provide feedback to the students on their progress based on their performance in online tests.

Find good quality online content

You can make an extensive search for good quality online resources that are in alignment with your classroom content requirement. Below mentioned are some recommendations that you can follow-

  •  – Tools that can create engaging math activities and quizzes
  •  – Online math tools specifically designed for geometry part, graphics and 3D
  •  – Animated lesson builder and YouTube videos creator
  •  – Collection of news stories for increasing the strength of general knowledge in students
  •  – Online quiz maker for creating fun everyday or weekly



It can be challenging to move your conventional classroom to an entirely new setup of remote classroom. But it can be encouraging as well as motivating to try new forms of technology and be in line with the new emerging trends.

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