Challenges in Virtual Hiring – Think Exam Online Assessment Platform as a reliable solution

Covid-19 has altered the employment marketplace. Due to lockdown, the hiring process has shifted more towards online. As it was a new process and companies were struggling to find the right candidate. However, online recruitment is similar to the conventional hiring process. During the early stage of the hiring, employers were facing challenges in adapting necessary adjustments, now they have adapted to the marketplace. The utilization of the virtual recruitment method is rising. It is now reflected the more in the hiring process. With digital transition, HR technology has thrived, online recruitment has gone far till now, and talent acquisition professionals looking forward to hiring the best talent. After the advent of the online assessment platform, the hiring is simple and smooth. Although, finding the best talent is a complex process. With excessive talent, hiring managers need to pull out the strings for recruiting the right talent.

According to the resources, almost 60% of employers are finding it difficult to recruit the right candidate.

Growth of Online Recruitment 

The online recruitment market is witnessing a growth of USD 3.52 Billion by 2020-2024. India alone is observing a growth of 15% during the pandemic. The SME sector has generated employment for 60 million people. The growth of online hiring is inevitable. However, there is a counterpart for everything. Virtual Hiring comes with many challenges that recruiters should keep a check on.

Challenges for Virtual hiring 

Here are a few challenges of virtual hiring that recruiters should be aware of that are as follows:

  • Connectivity Issues
    Internet connectivity issues are universal. There are several instances that a candidate or employer might face connectivity issues which might result in call drop or lagging. Such things might irk the employer and candidate both.
  • Lack of Digital Infrastructure
    Virtual hiring requires complete digital infrastructure which employees might not have, Some organizations use specific software or hardware that candidate is not using. Candidates cannot set up an infrastructure according to their requirements.
  • Miscommunication with the team
    In virtual hiring, companies also face problems in communicating with the team. When it comes to virtual hiring challenges, starting from the department head to the HR department, collaboration is required. Understanding the position and employee can be harmonized when the teams are inclined.
  • Inability to understand the organization’s culture
    In Virtual hiring, it gets very difficult for the candidate to understand the company’s culture. Knowing the company’s culture plays an important role in decision-making. In digital interviews, it gets difficult to understand the company’s culture.
  • Unawareness of the right keyword
    When it comes to virtual hiring, job ads are also virtual. There are numerous sites that permit employers to post job vacancies and candidates can apply for the same. But the crucial factor in choosing the right keyword. A recruiter cannot use ‘software’ in hiring marketing professionals. Otherwise, one might get the wrong application.
  • Discomfort on call or video
    Virtual recruitment can either be on call or video. But sometimes people do not feel comfortable while taking on-call or video. The social anxiety of being on a video call is a real issue and many people might face it every day. This can lead to unsettlement amongst the candidates.
  • Non Verbal Cues
    While companies come up with recruitment ideas, recruiters sit down and determine the online recruitment challenges. One of the factors is understanding social and verbal cues. Many online recruitment platforms enable you to collaborate with the team to determine the best-fit candidate. But non-verbal communication is a factor that recruiters might face challenges in virtual hiring.
  • Difficulty in determining soft skills
    Softskills are intangible and it is important to evaluate the soft skills of the candidate. Not being able to communicate with the candidate is a big challenge to hire.

How Think Exam is a reliable solution as an online assessment platform? 

In the fierce competition, hiring is crucial. Think Exam online assessment solution offers an innovative approach to delivering results. It can also handle the toughest recruitment challenges with comfort. You can create scientifically designed assessments from the test library to hire job-specific candidates. Moreover, with an online assessment platform, you will get a clear picture of the candidate’s performance. Also, It can tackle all end-to-end campus recruitment solutions. Think Exam helps to expand your reach and enhance the brand image of your company. An innovative virtual recruitment platform helps to scale up your remote recruitment. Think Exam as a reliable solution can also help you in identifying and hiring bulk candidates. It automates the recruitment drive and makes the process transparent. Finally, we can say that it is revolutionizing virtual recruitment.

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Screening and selecting candidates is a time-consuming process. Think Exam makes the process faster and more secure. Utilizing an online assessment tool can help talent acquisition focus on planning, interacting with candidates, and scheduling. Think Exam is playing an instrumental role in managing administrative tasks and gathering information for evaluation. It can deliver results faster and candidates can get immediate feedback. Also, it is saving cost and time.

In the virtual hiring process, candidates need not travel from one place to another. Candidates can give exams according to their convenient time. Think Exam can easily scale up the testing of a thousand candidates at a given time and organizations can access the huge talent pool. Moreover, it can integrate with your Application Tracking System and manage recruitment workflow.

Recruitment Assessment Solutions offered by Think Exam

Recruitment Assessment Solutions offered by Think Exam

Security is a big concern in virtual hiring. Think Exam, on the other hand, is an AI-based assessment platform that offers features like secure login, automated fraud detection, and reduction in unfair practices. It ensures a uniform exam environment for every candidate. Sometimes, it happens that companies lose a hidden gem due to biasness, whereas the Think Exam platform’s implicit bias makes the process transparent. This feature stimulates HR professionals to rely on the online assessment software. Gaining a detailed understanding is essential for companies for on job performance of the candidate. Online assessment software gives a detailed insight into the candidate’s performance for further analysis. These features make Think Exam unique and prominent for use.

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