Step by Step Guide on how to hire Sales Executives using Assessment Software

A sales executive is a sales manager who oversees the company’s sales-related offices and tasks. They also establish the company’s annual sales targets and work with the team to achieve them. The role entails developing a plan for identifying and converting new prospects and sales leads into paid users or customers.

Individual, as well as team efforts, are necessary for a company’s success. The sales executive is a link in a chain that oversees and evaluates individual performance while also keeping the team motivated to reach the company’s goals.

Skills of Sales Executive

Sales assessment test for sales Executives includes their analyzing skills, problem-solving ability, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and so forth. These skills are necessarily important as the sales executive has to perform multiple tasks. For example, sales development, generating revenue and representing the company, and so forth.

How to hire the sales executive using online assessment software.

Step 1: 3Ps: Prepare, Plan, Process

The company needs to state its requirements in detail. Job information, description, and specifications need to be mentioned properly. So that only the interested and eligible person can seek the job. The lack of details and general job description usually attracts everyone who is in search of a job in any company. Laying down your requirement clearly usually attracts the one who is looking for exactly the same opportunity.

Step 2: Strategy is the secret

Prepare a strategy beforehand. Sales Executive is a high demanding job. A qualified and the right fit only can fulfill these demands.  Follow the traditional sales hiring procedure, to identify gaps and determine when to recruit, reskill, and training period. So that when you have your candidate, you can select the most suitable one and your investment in them will be worth it.

Step 3: The assessment platform

Create a sales skill framework that includes a checklist of the ideal skills and competencies you require in your sales manager. According to that framework, look for an assessment platform that provides the features to check those skills and competencies. For this check out the services of trusted reliable partner Think Exam. Our online assessment software provides an extra customized feature. The ginger general aptitude test helps to analyze the required qualities in the candidate in a customized manner.

Step 4: Skills assessment test 

In general, the online assessment software provides psychometric assessments, aptitude tests, cognitive tests, and job customized assessments. These assessments are automated therefore the reliability is high. These assessments measure mental capabilities. It is important to evaluate every aspect of the candidate. Here the software helps to evaluate the Verbal and written communication, Mental capabilities of the candidate as well as personality. Thus, the platform provides all the assistance while the recruitment.

Step 5: Interview 

Conduct a face-to-face interview to see the potential yourself. Prepare a  set of questions to evaluate the candidate. The job profile of a sales executive includes the skills that necessarily require face-to-face interaction. As the sales executive should possess the aptitude, domain of specialization, and an amusing personality. 

Interviews also help to give a deep insight into the problem-solving ability of the candidate while the discussion and task performance. Their communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills, are also assessed here. 

The whole procedure is divided into different levels to ensure the safety and quality of recruitment. As the sales executive is an important element for every company, it becomes significant to act and assess more specifically. There are entry-level aptitude tests and recruitment tests that touch every sphere of assessment. For example, Cognitive, psychometric, aptitude, etc. These assessments as well as the interview can be performed on Think Exam easily, securely, and smoothly.

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