Is an online examination system safer than traditional examination systems?

The definition of examination has altered so far. Now, education is not limited to classrooms only. It is at your fingertips with new-age technology. Educational institutes depend on technology to make admission, examination, and result generation easier. After the Covid-19 pandemic, schools and colleges are using innovative ways of learning. For instance, they are relying on the online examination platform. According to the statistics, it is estimated that it would grow by 9.6 million. This is why it is gaining popularity day by day. Despite that, many people are not aware of the online examination system. It is a web-based application equipped on personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices. It is an automated system for conducting examinations seamlessly. Hence, it would not only help in managing exams but also helps in scheduling and assigning examinations and generating results.

Many online examination platform companies offer a well-curated and advanced system for managing examinations seamlessly and certifying customer satisfaction. Online examination software carries out various activities which are not easy to deliver manually. In a traditional examination, maintaining the security of the exam is challenging, In the remotely proctored exam, there are negligible chances of cheating during the exam. 

Is a remotely proctored exam safer than a traditional exam? 

The online exam offers a clear advantage due to the advanced technology. It is simple to track and manage exams from a secure server as compared to the physical exam. There are negligible chances of paper leakage, loss of the answer sheets, and missing evaluation. Think Exam has proctored over one million assessments for various eminent universities and schools. Its features such as authenticity, accuracy, and reliability make it unique and trustworthy.

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A remotely proctored exam is similar to a traditional exam. Implementing remote proctoring is a great way for students to give exams flexibly. This technology eliminates the risk and makes the risk secure. It has emerged as a viable solution to in-person proctoring. In a remotely proctored exam, the proctor gives certain access to the candidate. It does not violate the privacy of the candidate. The examination authorities rely on a trustworthy testing company that gives proper training to the institutes to conduct exams. Using artificial intelligence in exam proctoring eliminates the privacy concern. The AI technology raises the flag if the candidate is found cheating during the exam. After completing the exam, he will review the recording. 

Hence, the shift from traditional exams to online exams provides various benefits such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and transparency. Also, it is helping in customizing the assessment according to the requirement. 

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