Steps to move from paper-based testing to computer-based testing

Education institutes are migrating from Paper-Based Tests to Computer Based Test after the Covid-19 pandemic. The reason behind the transition is that it is convenient and secure for students. Also, it is cost-effective, scalable, and secure. Anyways, the shift from paper-based tests to Computer Based Test is manageable as it is maintaining the validity and integrity of the exam. Government and testing companies have valuated whether this transition prevents cheating during the exam. The computer-based exam offers you the best online exam experience because it is adaptable, secure, and safe.

A Computer Based Test is an effective way to offer a secure and consistent environment for enhancing the candidate experience. However, it is taking time for the candidates to adopt this change. There are many organizations that are offering a unique solution for the fast delivery of the exam and conducting them with high concurrency. In a paper-based exam, there is no complete security and it is expensive, which is why educational institutes are dependent on computer-based for a smooth process of the exam. There was apprehension about the CBT exam as it was new to the industry. There is a complete process for moving from PBT to CBT for optimum flow of exam.

Steps for moving from PBT to CBT 

There are a few steps from moving from PBT to CBT that is as follows:

  • Think about moving from PBT to CBT: Technological advancements are helping candidates as well as institutes for moving from PBT to CBT exams. It is enhancing accessibility and security with online assessment software. Whether you are looking forward to moving, always think thoroughly about the process and do not make decisions in haste.
  • Do in-depth research: While you are thinking of shifting from PBT to CBT, always do in-depth research. Speak with a similar organization that will give you a clear understanding.
  • Design a clear project: A good plan makes a difference, while you are moving from the PBT to CBT exam, always define roles and responsibilities, project scope, and timeline of the project.
  • Review and make alterations; It is not necessary to get positive reviews, always make improvements after asking for feedback from the stakeholders. However, artificial intelligence is improving test security and accessibility to give the test.

Hence the technology is there to deliver CBT exams. Companies in similar work areas make it effortless for the education institutes for managing secure examinations.

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