Top Factors to consider before selecting an online proctoring solution!

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The online proctored exam is an assessment technique through which the examiner can invigilate the students sitting in a remote location through an exam proctoring software. This software ensures that there is no cheating done during the online test as it is a live webcam proctored test.

In an online proctoring exam the examiner assesses the students from the remote areas through a live webcam.

There were almost 4.57 billion people who were active internet users as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. The reason for more than half of the population using the internet is because of the unfortunate pandemic ‘COVID-19’ which made people work from home. But this pandemic has also made people realize two things, first being ‘Atma Nirbhar’ and second being technologically advanced.


We never thought in our dreams that the kids will be attending school from home, but this year has made many impossible things possible. And we don’t know what more is to come, but do you know the best thing that is going to be possible this year or years ahead is a live proctored exam.

Looking at the condition now I don’t feel that exams will be held in centers in the near future unless they don’t care about the kids. But do you know what Remote Proctoring is?

What is Remote Proctoring?

The word itself says the meaning Remote means ‘situated far from main centers’ and proctoring means ‘to invigilate an examination. Remote Proctoring means invigilating an exam far from centers. This term is going to be quite common in the near future as most of them are going to give their exams sitting from their home on their computer screen itself.

This service ensures that students do not involve in unfair means like cheating, copying, using phones, or using another browser while writing the exam. The candidates are assessed in real-time via a live webcam proctored test where the assessee can have a check on the students and prevent cheating.

With the increase in globalization, the opportunity of worldwide academic exchange programs has also increased. There are countries outside India that are offering courses and the exams of those online courses are examined using remotely proctored services.

When an assessment is remotely proctored it is very important to choose the right online proctoring service to get the best results.


Factors you need to consider while choosing the right proctoring services

User Friendly

Before choosing any remote proctoring services it is important that the following services which you are choosing need to have customizable features and should be easy to understand for the students as well as the teachers. The interface of the proctoring services should not be complicated. It should be easily customized for the teachers and students so that they don’t get any issues while solving the paper.


It is very important to know how many students are giving a test. If the school is conducting an exam for a large number of students, it is preferable to choose a software that provides better scalability, as it is best for large numbers.

Type of exam

It is very important to know what type of test the school or the university is going to conduct like an open book test, closed book test, problem or case-based test, etc. In such cases, the proctoring services should enable the students to carry books, calculators, or let students use certain browsers or software.

In such cases, the universities or schools must secure only those browsers that are important for the exam. In this way, the students can only use browsers which are important for the test and the rest of the browsers are blocked.

The cost associated with remote proctoring services

It is always preferred to invest in good quality proctoring services as it is a one-time investment. It is better to invest in a proctoring service which enables a good reporting system and security which might be a bit high priced but worth it for the safety of the students and their personal details.

Technical support

Technical support is very important for any remotely proctoring services, which will help you 24*7 whenever you are in any problems while conducting the test. Before choosing any proctoring services make sure to check the technical support and then take the decisions.



Online Proctoring Solution is the future of our generation, it might become an integral part of students’ education systems. Therefore choosing the best for their secured future should be the main motto of any organization. I hope the information will help you in any way.

Good Luck!

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