How Online Proctoring helps in conducting effective virtual recruitment tests?

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No one ever dreamed how 2020 will turn out to be but the fact is that pandemic will stay here with us for a while. But this does not mean that we will give up our lives at the same time, right? This is why educational institutions around the world have realized that it will take time to return to normal, so institutes have adopted digital methods to teach students and ensure the continuity of the educational process.

Now, so far, everything is fine but please take a moment to think about if education is just about teaching? No, you also need to assess the progress of each student, but then the question arises how to do it remotely without cheating? This is where the concept of Online Proctoring Services appears.


Every year, millions of students from all over the world take various competitive exams to pursue their career goals. Today, educational institutions use proctoring tools to manage and conduct such large-scale examinations. They help to promote seamless coordination in all aspects, from registration, creating exams and candidate verification to index-based ranking. Read on to understand how AI-based online proctoring tools redefines recruitment tests.

Flexible Features of Online Proctoring Services Recruitment Test

Online Proctoring test help universities, training institutions, and colleges to organize and manage exams, such as:

  •  – Entrance examination
  •  – Skill test
  •  – Semester exam
  •  – Aptitude test, etc.

Online Proctoring Services can handle a large pool of candidates without geographic restrictions. In comparison with the traditional exam assessment process, it greatly saves logistics costs. In addition, the proctoring tool supports virtual monitoring, screen evaluation, and performance analysis.

How Does AI-Based Online Proctoring Services Work?

Online Proctoring Services
begins even before the exam. It ensures that only registered candidates can take the exam by using tools such as OTP and facial recognition.

Another way to prevent students from cheating in exams is to focus on the windows that students open in the browser. If the student opens multiple tabs and windows, the system can automatically end the student’s exam.

The tool can also disable certain operations, such as copy and paste, to ensure that students do not copy answers from anywhere.

How is AI-Based Online Proctoring Services Redefining Recruitment Tests?

This is an overview of the functions of Online Proctoring Test modules.


1.  Exam Management

  •  – Create and conduct various exam modules according to course requirements
  •  – Use bulk upload options to customize question types, including multiple choices, fill in the blanks, etc.
  •  – Define test rules, time, date, enable multilingual support, etc.


2.  Candidate Management

  •  – Import/export candidate records
  •  – Send e-tickets and alert messages to all registered applicants.
  •  – Grouping aspirants by category and assigning the exam accordingly.
  •  – Enable the option for online exam (using computer/phone/tablet)
  •  – In addition, Online Proctoring Services covers some elements, such as custom email templates, exam question templates, and secure multi-payment gateways.


3.  Remote Monitoring and Verification

  •  – Use the defined verification process to approve/reject candidates
  •  – Online Proctoring Services uses automatic monitoring through live streaming
  •  – If needed, manual proctoring gets enabled via webcam, microphone, live chat and other options
  •  – Professional programs with pause, resume and terminate options are available in one click during the exam


4.  Screen Assessment and Exam Analysis

  •  – Scan the answer sheet and store it in the system for paper based exam
  •  – Automatically generate results/certificates based on the criteria
  •  – Detailed analysis of the candidate’s performance
  •  – View, filter and download reports when needed
  •  – Proctoring tools enable institutions to move forward and provide a complete LMS (learning management system) to the target audience.



Overall, online proctoring test is an extensive technique, which has many advantages and scope. Any teacher, trainer, company recruiter, or even a trainer in a coaching center who wants to take an effective examination under the current circumstances or even from now on must adopt proctoring tools, which is undoubtedly the best!




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