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With the drastic effect of COVID-19 on our society, we all are bound to accept the concept of “new normal”. The havoc of this pandemic has brought many sectors and industries to a standstill. But online talent assessments, online examinations, and certifications are on an all-time high with the assistance of proctoring software.

Most of the educational as well as corporate sectors are conducting their exams online which have turned out to be a successful alternative to the offline assessments.

All the advantages of conducting online exams are way above to its counterpart i.e., offline exams. Conducting an exam requires a lot of expensive commitments such as manpower, planning, logistics, and scheduling. When conducting an online exam all these requirements instantly become automated, cost-effective, and convenient.

When talking about online exams we need to consider its one very important extension which is remote proctoring. It is a process to make the entire procedure of online exams more standardized and authentic. Online exams are subject to malpractices such as cheating or fake authenticity of a candidate but with online proctored exams such unfavorable activities cannot take place.

With the increasing demand for the proctored exam, companies are eager to grab this opportunity of providing proctoring solutions and services. “This is one of the biggest reasons why the online proctoring market is expected to reach USD 10 Billion by 2026.”

What does proctoring an exam exactly means?

banner2We all know who invigilators are, right? They used to keep moving in the examination hall with keen eyes on all the candidates who were attempting the test. Similarly, even online assessments require an invigilator but because the source of assessment is online so even proctoring is an automated method of invigilation.

During the process of online proctoring, the software is integrated with the system that gives the benefit to students and candidates to sit in an exam from the comfort of their home. The monitoring system in the software enables the test administrator to invigilate the test with a combination of video/audio clips and recordings.


How does a proctored exam work?

How does a proctored exam work

The first step of the proctored exam includes the verification of student identity in which the student has to open the audio-video setup and show its identity proof. Some proctoring solutions come with a 3 step identity verification process whereas some use a different method; it depends on the proctoring solution provider. Once the initial process is successful then an AI or human proctored monitor gets activated that keeps an eye on all the test takers and record their every move throughout the exam duration.

With so many proctoring solution providers erupting in the market it is integral to know as to which vendor is reliable and will provide consistent integrity that too at cost-effective prices.


Think Exam – Your one-stop destination to attain the best proctoring solution and service!

Think Exam is a renowned online assessment platform that was established in the year 2008. It has gained 2000+ clients from across the globe who are using this diverse and intuitive online assessment software to conduct a variety of educational as well as corporate level assessments.

Think Exam further provides a range of skill assessment tools, psychometric assessments, cognitive assessments, certifications, and even campus recruitment solutions. Apart from this, Think Exam has also got its forte in providing robust proctoring services as well as stand-alone services. Integrated with anti-cheat features, human proctoring, AI proctoring, and live proctoring, the Think Exam proctoring software has got an advanced 360 degrees approach.


Some of the credible features of Think Exam online proctoring solution are-


Think Exam Remote Proctoring Features

Think Exam Remote Proctoring Features


Real-time recording – This feature can capture the real-time activities of the candidate who is taking the test. It is done through constant audio-video recording wherein every move, facial expression, or suspicious activity of the candidate is instantly recorded.

Cheat alert – If the candidate has been suspected of cheating then the proctor can raise red flags to alert the candidate. The candidate can be alerted through notifications as well.

End test option – If the unnecessary activity persists at the end of the test-taking candidate even after multiple warnings then the proctor can easily end the test for that particular candidate instantly.

Secure exam browser – During the test, the following activities get disabled on the screen of the test taker

  •  – Browser and Tabs
  •  – External Ports and Printing
  •  – Search Engines and other Websites
  •  – Cut, Copy, Paste
  •  – Data Sharing
  •  – Screen Sharing and Virtual Machines




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