What should universities look for when selecting Online Proctoring Software?

Online Proctoring Software

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Remote proctoring solutions are gaining a much deserved popularity in the educational sector these days. On one side where schools, colleges and universities decided to conduct online classes due to COVID-19 restrictions, the other side conducting secure online tests was still a challenge.

But with the emergence of Remote Proctoring technology it became easy to overcome this challenge and take conventional form of education totally to the automated side.

A lot many schools and universities are still new to this concept and are first timers to the use of proctoring services. Getting your hands on web proctored exam software that is compatible with your existing LMS system is very important. Buying perfect Remote proctoring software requires a great amount of research and knowledge.

With so many similar services proliferating the Ed-tech market, pointing out the one right software can be difficult, but here you can find some help though!


banner2What to look for when selecting Online Proctoring Software?

1. The software should have ideal features of a proctoring system

An ideal proctoring system will have a 360 degrees approach to putting a check on cheating. It will have multiple features such as-

  •  – Candidate authentication
  •  – Audio-video live streaming as well as recording
  •  – AI features to detect suspicious activities or behavior
  •  – Browsing limitation
  •  – Screen freeze feature
  •  – Constant webcam monitoring, etc.


2. The software should be comprehensive

Comprehensive software will save your expenses on multiple tools by doing a complete job. It should be able to meet all your requirements right from hosting the online exam to generating a comprehensive report.

A right proctoring solution will let you assess your students residing in different locations from a remote space. Without having to juggle through multiple software’s you should be able to create all types of assessments with variety of question types and get complete accuracy with a cheat-proof environment.


3. The software should be scalable

Software that can support large scale assessments without any lag or glitches is the best! Universities mostly assess large number of students at once so you will have to ascertain that the proctoring software you are picking is robust and efficient enough to support the scale of test.


4. The software should be customizable

To make the online exam proctoring process seamless and real one must opt for software that can be customized according to the test administrator’s requirement. Its functionalities, interface and performance should be flexible to fit in your existing system.

Some advanced level proctoring software gives you the seamless experience to customize almost its every functionality . You can fix the actions like copy/pasting, blocking, screen access, browsing policy, etc.


5. The software should have a comprehensive reporting system

Exam report is the integral part of any assessment. It provides insights to the student knowledge and progress. Without a detailed test report the whole concept of conducting a test is incomplete.

Test reports should be instantly generated and shared with the candidate as well as with the proctor. The report should consist of student performance in every section and even question. It should have graphical and diagrammatical presentation of the marks scored. Also, it should be comparative with the other test takers marks.

The detailed test report also helps the test administrator to come to a definite understanding of the result. Creating a feedback becomes easier as well as it can be timely shared with the students and their parents to initiate further improvement in the learning process.


6. The software should be cost-effective

You might be deceived into thinking that all Proctoring software’s are expensive but you are wrong! There are certain remote proctoring software’s available in the market that consist of all the above mentioned features but are still quite affordable.

But before purchasing the proctoring software you must realize that investing into good software is a one-time thing and so you must not compromise on its any aspect.


Think Exam Remote Proctoring Software for Colleges & Universities

Think Exam Online Remote Proctoring Solutions

Think Exam Online Remote Proctoring Solutions




Online exam proctoring is a new advent in education system that has opened doors to many possibilities in the online assessment sector. For educational industry it is a boon and one must adopt the ease of this technology to keep the integrity and credibility of the online tests- which has turned into a ‘new normal” concept since the lockdown.

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