How can the recruiters be future ready to face the challenges of Industry 4.0?


A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute… says

“Automation technology will replace about 5 percent of all jobs globally, but it will take decades. In addition, the report found that 49 percent of all tasks currently being done by workers, from clerks to CEOs, can be automated by 2055 with technology that already exists today.”

As we are going head-on through a phase of technological revolution- Industry 4.0, it is definite that we will be experiencing a major change. The way we carry off with our everyday chores or how we even communicate with others will have an automate bend to it. This humongous transformation around the globe will lead to a drastic increase in new opportunities for almost all the leading or emerging stakeholders ranging from public to private sectors to academia and civil society.


If we collate the evolving speed of the fourth industrial revolution in comparison to that of previous industrial revolutions then it is evident that this one is comparatively moving at an exponential pace unlike the linear pace of the former ones. This is the reason why business sectors are positioned at a crucial point of molding their approach to extract skilled talent in the international market plagued by shortage. It is notable that the most in-demand specialties and occupations today, never even existed a decade ago. This factor validates the speed of transformation resulting to Industry 4.0 which is only set to accelerate in coming time.

Recruiter’s productivity stomped by organizational incompetence’s

FuturePeople’s Recruitment Trends Report 2017/2018: To gig or not to gig? How to get future-ready for Industry 4.0 extracted few main points through the findings which highlight the poor acceptance of organizational sectors to adopt the infinite possibilities of technology.

  • ➢Leaders are not bothered to invest in the business models, technologies and skillsets necessary for Industry 4.0: With 1 in 2 organizations being reluctant to innovatively upgrade their hiring methodology they are falling behind in the tech race.



  • ➢Diversity is need of the hour: A mere 4% of leaders accept diversity as a main point of measuring recruitment success.


The least sought-after department of an organization tends to be Human resource, but is high-time for this ignorance to change into intentional acceptance of innovative methodologies in the recruiting process. In this phase of radical shift from manual to automate process, recruiters can’t operate effectively by incorporating counted possibilities of traditional approach.

How recruiters can be upgraded to cater the demands of Industry 4.0?

Tech Literacy- An inevitable necessity

If we focus on the earlier mentioned report stats-

“A report found that 49 percent of all tasks currently being done by workers, from clerks to CEOs, can be automated by 2055 with technology that already exists today.”

Then it can be assumed that we are already highly capable of moving mountains but what we lack is tech literacy.

No matter how sorted and user- friendly technology seems to be but there is always a more effective pattern to adhere in order to exploit its prospects to the fullest. Exposure of recruiters to different possibilities of technology helps them to connect with candidates and employees on different levels. Recruiters seeking the advantages of technology should be well aware of how to implement it in the organizational setting. Recurring benefit to recruitment industry and as a whole to the organizations is what the prospect of tech literacy in holds.

Recruitment Tools- Spinning the axis of modern hiring techniques

As per a survey, Japan ranks on the leading position with 81% amongst the countries facing the greatest skill shortages. Saddening it is, to realize that India is on the second position of this list with almost 64% of employers finding it impossible to search candidates with the required skills.

If Industry 4.0 has brought positive changes for us to avail then it has also not spared us from the disadvantages it beholds. With the increasing scarcity of talent, recruiters are facing a dearth of resources to fetch the best candidates in an already depleting market. This situation raise the need to incorporate recruitment tools and online testing software for recruitment as manual approach will only worsen the situation for the recruiters. Competing neck and neck to first pick the right candidate, recruiters are facing a hard time that can be only improved by scaling the approach and reaching out to maximum candidates in minimum time which is only feasible by the application of Recruitment tools.


Industry 4.0 is not about the destruction of previous era as it sounds to be. It is a way to upgrade the already existing tools, infrastructure and skills to exploit the technological revolution to its fullest.

In this phase we shouldn’t be focusing on what is being lost with this rapid change in the system. Instead we should be thinking of how to upgrade the resources that we already have in the organization as well as in the recruitment industry in order to make the most of this new world.

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