You’re hired! – How Online Assessment takes HR closer to the End Deal?

India with a $154-billion of information technology sector is ranking globally in succession of drastically raising the market level of IT industry. A growth level of 30% on an annual basis is lending a steadfast grip to the IT companies, which are responsible for increasing employability rate in the Country by providing jobs to around 3.9 million people. With such a vast development of this sector in many verticals the only sector that needs to discard its rudimentary and mundane approach is undoubtedly, human resource.


The sole body in an organization, responsible to appoint skilled employees is that of recruiters. With so much of dependency over recruiter’s rational skills that are subject to bias and partiality, one can hardly expect to land a genuinely fair deal in the process of hiring. So does this mean that organizations are entitled to face this grave share of luck, like… forever!? Well not in the presence of technology that hasn’t failed to create its eminence in every domain. With a sudden burgeon of online recruitment assessment tools in the market business giants such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Sears, Walmart and Burger King are already using it as a pre-employment testing tool.

How online Assessment platform is eliminating stake factor?

Words of wisdom by Lawrence Bossidy

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

“You bet on people not on strategies” this statement goes a long way into highlighting the part that the human resource plays into either creating heydays or sadly gray days for an organization. HR Executives and even the managers are under constant pressure of getting a certain vacant position occupied that earlier got occupied by a “wrong hire”. The onus lies on the HR’s to embrace a technical approach and exploit the benefits that technology holds for them. But for this change to happen, the existing recruitment system needs to be altered.

The dependency over rudimentary technique of paper- pen based test needs to be reformed as it eats up on physical logistics and is highly time consuming. It is high time to revolutionize these methods with the application of reliable and valid procedure of assessment. Taking a hint from online assessment platforms is an effective first step.

Online Assessments is a pocket friendly approach to ensure the right hiring in your organization. Here are few reasons how:

Ensure smooth-running screening process

With a diversity of tools that include skills testing, personality assessments and pre-employment screening, online assessment platforms helps recruiters in narrowing down their approach to selective candidates out of a swamp of applicants. Online assessment is convenient for both the recruiters as well as for the applicants. It saves them on effort of going through the first written round of interview that gets switched by online assessment round that can be attempted from their respective premises. It saves time of the recruiters that goes waste in making phone calls and arranging venues and schedule for written tests. This leads to effective procuring of selective skilled candidates that are more likely to be valid for the job.

Extracting right skills out of many skills

Tell me something about yourself? And you get a verbal display of his varied talents but you are unable to pin the one that you need… what now? Save yourself on knowing about your applicants’ participation in some school drama or some singing competition that got him a bronze. With the choice of online skills testing platform for recruiters ease, you can totally avoid the verbal interview and let online skill assessment get you a measured outcome.

Streamlined approach to campus selection

Campus hiring is a seasonal process of majority organizations which gets them a great deal of good hires but undoubtedly they have a hard time landing on those deals all the while making a pratfall on wrong ones. A lot of time and money goes into this process with a limitation of reach to different campuses. Online assessment platforms come with the forte of online proctoring because of which many campuses can be covered at once without a need of any physical presence of an invigilator.

When it comes to hiring for an unfamiliar field

Many times it so happens that the HR’s are not exactly sure for which specific field are they hiring or what are the specific skill sets needed for the opening of a job position. This is when online assessment comes handy as it gives you the option to customize your test. A standard online test can be created and sent to the candidates. To add extra filters, recruiters can easily create tests that can measure the job-fit and interest level of the candidates.


Human Resource is a highly active part of an organization, not just being involved in the process of hiring but also attending to other needful activities. Sparing them some time can result into better productivity as they can focus more on their overall role rather than just looking over the paraphernalia of hiring. Online assessment platforms have given this much needed liberty to the recruiters by automating the hiring process to the extent of directly interviewing the candidates who have excelled on the well-designed online assessment extracting the best ones out of an overrun of resumes.

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