Impact of online exam software on students and teachers in virtual schooling

Online examination is an advent of digitization in the education domain. Conducting exams nowadays is no more stressful, as online examination software has revolutionized the examination system. Therefore, there is no requirement for pen and paper. However, exams conducted digitally are saving time and effort. The evolution of the digital era has enhanced the process of adapting online assessment platform in carrying out various activities. Numerous sectors are adopting this online method for executing day-to-day activities. Although, certain platforms are helping in conducting online courses, classes, and examinations. These platforms are designed by using innovative technologies that provide many benefits.

The online examination software helps execute the process of online education hassle-free and securely. In the current scenario, students and teachers are relying on virtual schooling for pacing up learning and teaching. So that students won’t miss learning. Schools and colleges are generalizing online education for certifying the student’s skill development.

As far as teachers are concerned, the primary objective is to maintain the authenticity of education and evaluate the student’s skills. Teachers and students are facing concerns in conducting online exams and maintaining their integrity. Therefore, online examination software is yet underexplored by many universities and schools. They are playing a significant role in streamlining the entire examination process.

Significance of quality assessment in the education domain

Assessment is an essential part of the education domain as it gives accurate details of the student’s performance. It acts as a reinforcement to motivate them to perform better. The quality online examination helps focus on the targeted area with complete expertise. To be qualitative, it must acquire a few characteristics as follows:

  • The content must be easy to understand for students. It should cover entire syllabi and specific topics.
  • It should be 100% accurate and should come with quantifiable outcomes.
  • The test must grasp students’ interests as well as should be creative.

Why is it useful for students?

The impact of online assessment platforms is beneficial for the education domain. However, with the help of the internet, teaching and learning can take place anywhere and anytime. It is not astonishing that sectors are moving towards online solutions for practical assessments. These methods are beneficial for institutes and students. Hence, it is proven that online exam software is a suitable platform that is helpful for students and teachers for streamlining virtual examinations and classes.

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