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“The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more, but to use it more effectively.”

John G. Palfrey and Urs Gasser

Global Education System is a huge body in itself of which Indian education system constitutes the majority part. India is a hub of one of the most renowned schools and colleges, providing educational standards that the students wish to seek from all around the globe. According to the data of MHRD- Ministry of Human Resource Development, there are total of 1.3 million schools in India, and the count is only bound to increase with the heightened growth in student count. This automatically bends us towards the usage of technology in order to sustain the pedagogy that is effective in imparting quality education.


Online Revolution influencing Education!

Everything has radically made a move towards the online platform. From clothes to furniture to food nothing is spared by the touch of this tech development. So something as important as education won’t make a way through this trend is a big impossibility. The adoption of this online education system has been possible mainly due to the penetration of mobile phones and laptops in everyday life.

Online quiz tool is an emerging trend and an eminent part of LMS technology that has notably established its roots in the education system. LMS- Learning Management System is a concept that has directly emerged from e-Learning and its first introduction dates back to the year 1990s. Learning Management System basically focus on helping the instructor to deliver academic material to the learners and administer tests and assignments. Its extended features also include activities like tracking student progress and managing record keeping.

Diminishing era of paper and pen…

It is a beginning of a revolutionary era in terms of the drastic shift from old time educational technique to a newer tech based education that will completely rule out the use of blackboards and paper-pen amongst students.

“A report by Google & KPMG forecasts that by the 2021, the market for online education will be worth 1.96 million$, which is a huge jump from 247 million$ in 2016.”

With so many online based solutions present in the market we can nearly expect the above stated outcome. Online quiz builder is one of the classifications of online based solutions that have provided great deal of strength to the ever burdened education system. Various features ranging on different levels for every product such as:

• Question pool
• Synchronized platform
• Customized reports

It functions as a perfect online quiz maker for teachers that can withhold the needs of a classroom setting all the while initiating a level of creativity that is interesting and at the same time effective in inducing operative learning.

This generation students are a product of technology being the authoritative users of it. Expecting them to have patience for answering long subjective type answers or sticking to the basics of classroom learning is a great deal and should be reformed to suit their need meanwhile providing them the same education but based on technology. This is the reason why multiple choice quiz makers are being more preferred by the teachers in schools/colleges as well as coaching centers and institutes. As MCQs are effective in extracting logical knowledge out of students, it is a much accepted choice for both students as well as teachers.


Online quiz building tool is a remarkable medium to assess the candidate’s aptitude. With such an advent development in innovation we all have been somewhere a part of online test experiencing the ease of its features. The flexibility that the online assessment software provides ranges from quick test assessment to report generation within a matter of time.

Teachers are a prevailing asset to the education system, Hence they deserve to be empowered by the strength to impart effective learning. Development of technology is not just a boon to the students but also a privilege to the teachers as they are the ones in whose hands lies the future prospects of every learner.

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