How CBT And Remote Proctoring Is More Effective Than Offline Exams?

The education system has changed in numerous ways over the last decade, with the most visible changes in learning and examination. It is moving towards online learning and teaching and altering the perception of teaching and learning amongst students and teachers. There is always speculation about which is a better way, CBT Test or OMR based Test. Conducting a CBT Test has many benefits, for example, low administrative cost and operational cost, no security threat, and easy to use for students and teachers. CBT Test also has less timeline in examining the answer and formulating results. Before pandemic exams were conducted on paper, you get a question paper, answer questions and submit the test. After the advent of technology, things have drastically changed from paper-based tests to CBT tests, with JEE Mains, AIIMS, etc. After, the covid epidemic, the Education Industry has seen drastic has altered how examinations are conducted, examined, scheduled, and designed. The candidate can give the exam at a particular time and give a secure test. After finishing the test, he can submit the test.

Online Examination – What and How? 

Online examinations are becoming popular these days, it is a seamless process for conducting the test. In an online examination, the candidate has to select the correct answer amongst the four options available and mark it on the virtual sheet. Online tests come up with numerous benefits, it is the most pervasive method for giving examinations and it is a secure way for giving the examination. To overcome any unfair means, remote proctoring is a suitable method for conducting secure online tests. CBT Tests are beneficial for the organizer as it offers complete security and fair results, also it is a reliable source for conducting the exams. Moreover, it reduces the time to evaluate the answers.

Secured Examination through CBT Test 

Many organizations are experts in conducting tests with modern technologies and taking all the necessary measures to avoid cheating and making students comfortable during the exams. Many leading institutes are relying on the CBT exam, all you need is a webcam and microphone. The arrangement is necessary for the ongoing exam. The exam authority monitors the exam through a webcam or live streaming. The webcam takes a picture of the candidate giving the exam on the other screen.

Advantages of CBT Test 

There are many advantages, and some of them are as follows: 

  • Less Resource involvement: CBT Test is flexible and consists of less operational cost. It requires less manpower to conduct the exam. Tests can be monitored anytime and save operational costs. Storing the test and evaluating the result is easier now.
  • Large scale delivery: Through CBT Test, it is easy to hold an examination at the mass level. You don’t have to wait for a long time.
  • Smooth Process: There are multiple tasks for organizing an exam, right from setting up the center to giving the results to the students. But, with the automated process, conducting an exam is easier.

Remote Proctoring 

Remote proctoring permits students to take the assessment at your location while safeguarding the integrity of the exam. In this system, students need to confirm their identity during the exam. It can be either automatic or a human proctor would be monitoring the students during the exam. This system allows the institute or examination authority to offer assurance for conducting safe and secure examinations.

Remoting proctoring consists of student authentication to eliminate the risk of student impersonation. It is a revolutionary solution for conducting examinations to avoid any suspicious activity.

Advantages of Remote Proctoring 

The AI-based remote proctoring looks after all human activity during the examination such as face-to-face recognition and removing copy paste option. Here are a few advantages of Remote proctoring:

  • Agility: Examination is a time-consuming process and consists of many steps, now it can be conducted without spending a lot of time and effort. Remote proctoring reduces the processing time by eliminating human intervention. It makes the examination process agile.
  • Security: For secure examination, institutions should make sure that there shouldn’t be any suspicious activity taking place. Remote Proctoring is a trustworthy solution for secure exams.
  • Scalable: Remote proctoring permits to examine mass level. The candidate can give the exam through his device and the system would restrict the IP address and monitor the candidate.

Offline Exam: What and How? 

The offline exam is a conventional way of conducting an exam with an offline OMR sheet and question paper. Students are given a question paper and OMR sheet to mark the answers. In some offline exams, you are required to write descriptive answers. Depending on the nature of the exams, you are required to write theoretical answers. You have to handle a huge amount of paper and there is no secure way of handling question papers, and there are high chances of leaking exam papers and you need to compromise with the quality of the question paper. As far as the checking is concerned, manual checking takes a lot of time.


Many competitive exams are shifting towards an online form of giving the exam due to the benefits of the CBT Test. In the coming future, schools, colleges, and universities would be relying on the online test due to their numerous benefits. Online exams give you leverage to give exams at your home and submit them effectively. Considering the covid situation, the CBT test is playing an important role in making the examination process easier. If we look at the organizer’s perspective, online exams are more economical and have less human intervention. Remote proctoring is an effective solution for minimizing human intervention.

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