Online Test Software: How does it work? What are its Pros & Cons?

We are moving through a phase of an epidemic where restrictions have made us rely more on technology. Right from the educational sector to corporates, all the major industries have experienced a huge paradigm shift in the past 4 months. When speaking about the educational sector, the adoption of online test software and live classes has brought a momentous change. It helped teachers, educators, and trainers to continue their classes without any problems.


What is Online Test Software?

It is a technology that has brought a huge transformation in the manual methods of assessments by shifting it entirely to an automated platform. It can be efficiently used to create, conduct, and evaluate any type of online assessment without any hassle.

Is there any difference between online test software and online test taker software?

Both the software’s are one and the same! It’s just that when the online test software is viewed from the perspective of the test taker so it can be said as online test taker software. Also, the functionalities and the interface of the software can be majorly classified in two parts one is from the view of test creator whereas the other is from the view of a test taker.

What are its areas of application?

  • – Schools
  • – Colleges
  • – Universities
  • – Institutes
  • – Coaching centers
  • – Training centers
  • – Corporates
  • – Government/competitive exams

How does Online Assessment Software works?

The online assessment software works in the following ways-

Creation of test

The first step is to create an online test that involves the selection and classification of questions. For any test to be effective, the choice of questions plays an important role. The test creator can either add new questions in the test or can pick up from the existing ones in the library. To create questions online exam software comes with integrated question types which are-

  • – Multiple choice
  • – Multiple responses
  • – True-false
  • – Fill in the blanks
  • – Match following
  • – Match matrix
  • – Single-digit
  • – Subjective
  • – Essay

With all so many varieties of questions, a test creator can easily create any type of test with a combination of two or three question types at once.

Designing of test

Before publishing the test it is important to design it first. The designing part includes putting the test questions in a proper template and assigning any instructions or timings to them. Mostly, online exam software provides a variety of test templates which can be used as it is or can even be customized. Then comes the part of allotting marks to every question/section and putting add on tools such as a timer or a calculator.

Publishing/conducting of test

When conducting an online test the administrator gets the benefit of classifying a large pool of students within specific groups. This feature also comes handy when it is time to assign the students with the online test. The administrator can either send the test link through mail or can even post it in that specific group on which the test has to be conducted. This way it is possible to create and conduct different tests at a time without any confusion or hassle.

Evaluation and report generation

Online assessment software is an AI integrated efficient tool that is capable of evaluating the test automatically based on the scores allotted to every question and section by the test creator. The evaluation part is efficient and can be done instantly. Once the evaluation is over a comprehensive test report is generated which can be instantly shared with the test takers through email or SMS.

The test reports generated comprise of various parts that give insight to the scoring of the overall test. The test report highlights the scores obtained on every subject, section, questions, and even competitive scores. Also, the visualization of scores can be obtained that are represented in a graphical and statistical format.

What are its Pros?

  • – Companies save a lot of time and money by conducting online pre-employability tests and training
  • – Creating and conducting online tests overall consumes less time for both the administrator as well as a test taker.
  • – No requirement of any sort of expensive logistics, transportation services, or specialized invigilators.
  • – It is scalable and can be easily used to conduct large scale exams. This is the reason why many government and competitive exams have also adopted the path of online tests.
  • – Test takers get greater feasibility to take the test from any remote location. It cuts down the transportation time and cost for them as well as fits in their normal schedule without hampering any priority task.
  • – Test takers get instant results/feedback which helps them to improve their knowledge in time and attempt for another test or maybe move on to a higher level in that particular training/expertise.
  • – As a trainer, educator, or school teacher, you get to keep a constant tap on student learning and improve your curriculum accordingly.

What are its Cons?

consIt is evident that the pros of online test software outweigh the cons of it by far. But when it comes to technology there have to be a few cons, in case of online test software, they are-

  • – It is too much dependent on technology and availability of internet.
  • – Can become a barrier in backward areas or areas that have a poor internet connection.
  • – One needs to have access to a mobile phone, laptop or computer.


think exam

How Think Exam Online Assessment Software is helping educational sectors as well as corporates to ace their online tests?

how think exam works

To conduct any type of online test the availability of good online assessment software is a must. Think Exam ensures to provide its clients with software that is flexible, robust, and comprehensive. It comprises of the quality to blend in with every test creator’s requirements without compromising on the quality.



Some of the remarkable benefits of its multifarious features are-

  • – Vast question bank with 9 question types to create a test that has no limitation of extracting knowledge.
  • – Systematic candidate management that allows you to classify your test-takers in as many groups. The groups can be managed with various inbuilt features and you can add unlimited candidates to them.
  • – Customizable test creation features which include test templates, theme changing possibilities, and even add on tools such as timers and calculators. Here you can also assign scores to the questions and sections of the test.
  • – Comprehensive reporting system inclusive of detailed feedback as well. It provides an in-depth analysis of marks obtained in every subject, section, and question.
  • – Monetize feature has been exclusively created for the administrator. It gives the advantage of creating and putting your educational content/courses for selling.
  • Think Exam online assessment software is also available as Android and iOS mobile app which gives you the advantage of creating or assigning tests on the go!


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