Why Is Conducting Examinations Online More Convenient?

For examiners, we are sure the online examination system has been a kind of revolution in the education system. It is frustrating to take on the duties of invigilating during the exam and verifying every student, apart from others. All this can be done with the help of exam software which is increasingly becoming an accepted norm in schools and universities. We are aware of competitive exams being held with the help of such software.

Advantages of an online test

computer based test has both advantages and disadvantages and the former far outweighs the latter. Creating a question paper, physical invigilation and manual grading have become a thing of the past. For the test-taker, it does not require pen and paper and commuting to the examination center. They do not have wait for months to get the results.

We are sure an online exam will help students as it can be taken from anywhere. All they need is just a device connected to the internet. They will also get real-time results within hours of taking the exam. It is beneficial; we are sure, for the authorities as well. Creating the online test is seamless with test software which offers different templates and question paper formats. They need to just proctor the exam, which essentially means online invigilation. With the help of a computer based test, cumbersome physical records can be avoided. Digital records are easier to handle.

It saves financial resources and time

An online examination system is something which needs to be adopted in schools and universities. End-to-end examination management is possible with the top online exam software or platforms.

These platforms help in a significant saving of financial resources and time for the school and university management. They need not put invigilators on duty for conducting the exams.

Scalability helps in handling large number of candidates.

These days, the number of candidates can be mind-boggling. Since a candidate taking an exam is large, the onus is on the administrators to conduct the exams efficiently. An online examination system is easily scalable if the number of test takers is enormous. Coordination is also not a problem as a link to the computer based test is shared in the emails of the candidates.

Can also prevent fraudulent means

We are sure there is a concern regarding fake candidates or fraudulent means. As the exam software helps in proctoring the tests, verifying the identities of the students is possible. They are allowed to take the exams only when they share the access code provided to them on their personal mobiles.

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