Should Aptitude Tests be trusted in foretelling candidate’s competency?

It is becoming a standard practice across varied sectors to integrate aptitude and knowledge tests while screening potential applicants for any job opening. But what makes it an inevitable trend? Is it all an overestimated hoax or does it actually stand a chance to work wonders in the recruitment process?

With each passing day count of job applicants are largely increasing in number and to narrow down their approach is a cumbersome task until and unless recruiters are using some sort of filtration technique. Now to answer the above mentioned questions, aptitude tests efficiently work as one of the most important filters in the initial phase of recruitment. And if we talk about its accuracy, then that depends, but on what? It entirely depends upon how precisely, it has been customized and the standard of its validity and norms.


Correlation between aptitude test and job competency

It has been significantly observed that IQ level is what matters when it comes to aptitude test scores, job performance and trainability. The basic factor that is taken into consideration while assessing a candidate is the fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the ability of reasoning, flexible thinking and problem solving.

So this proves that your IQ level is the most eminent predictor of job competency. The higher your IQ is the more eligible you will be for a complex job profile through the attempted aptitude test. A correlation exists of 0.80 (a standard measure ranging from 0 to 1) between IQ level and job performance in regards to higher level jobs. The better one performs at work the faster he/she can progress in career hence, a positive link appears between IQ level and career status.

Types of candidate Aptitude tests


 – Knowledge Tests– These tests are designed to measure the knowledge of the candidates that is specifically related to the respective job profile. Knowledge test is customized to match the relevancy of the job responsibilities and to ensure that the candidate meets the criteria of minimum required knowledge.

 – Skills Tests– These tests are specially designed to objectively measure a candidates job related abilities that are mandatory to assess before.

 – Personality Tests– There are many types of personality tests, but in the process of screening mostly four factors are assessed of a candidates personality:

  • – Thought process
  •  – Introversion vs. Extroversion
  •  – Intuition
  •  – Perception

Aptitude tests and hiring process

Aptitude tests are a highly recommended tool to classify right talent. Every job role irrespective of how miscellaneous is its presence in an organization, definitely requires a certain level of intelligence and cognitive skills. The best interpreter of on job proficiency is cognitive intelligence that can be best judged by the application of aptitude tests.

“The Harvard Business Review reports that as much as 80 percent of staff turnover is attributed to poor hiring decisions.” Incurring such a huge loss on a regular basis can result in a non-avoidable demise for the organization.

Integrating aptitude tests in your recruitment process, not only precisely assess if a candidate has got the right expertise to perform in a particular job role, but also predict if a candidate has got the possibility to be further trained and prepared for a leadership role. Moreover, using an aptitude test gives the benefit to HR’s in coordinating with a structured hiring process that helps them in pre-deciding assessments that can yield optimum results during the time of screening.


The recruitment process is an integral task which should be devoid of any complexities. The growth of an organization greatly lies in the fact that how efficient is the recruitment tactics of the HR team to fish out the right talent out of a pool of candidates.

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