What is Online Exam Software? Know about its working, features, Pros & Cons!

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‘The Indian market of online exam software ranks second to US and is expected to become USD 11 billion market by the year 2021.”

The educational industry in India has witnessed steady advancement in its development with the advent of live classes and online assessments. However, it was a slow rise with no definite path to follow but the sudden COVID-19 crisis acted as an accelerating force in the success of the digital education system.

The educators, teachers, or trainers who were once reluctant to adopt technology are now willingly looking for it as it remains to be the only scope to continue normal teaching in this “new normal” era.


Not just the educational sector but even corporate have taken to online assessments as the major source of acquiring new talent. So if you are still not well versed with the concepts of the online examination software then this is your chance to know all about it!

What is Online Exam Software?

We all know how conventional exams are created and conducted. It is an overall long affair with a lot of time taking tasks and manual efforts. A teacher has to spend days deciding upon questions and then writing them down after which it goes forward for printing which eats up a few more days. The most stressful part of it all is to score the test. So many answer sheets have to be checked, scored, and then calculated to add up the marks and declare the result.

In simple words, online assessment software automates this entire process right from the beginning till the end. The software comes integrated with multiple advanced level features that make the assessment procedure less time taking and more accurate.

How does Online Exam Software work?

Examination software follows systematic steps and its every feature is distributed in accordance with those fixed steps.

Creation and designing of the test

The online test creation platform gives a diverse scope of questions to be used in the test. The administrator can create a subjective, objective, or MCQ type test in just a single click. Also, the question choice is simplified; the test creator can either choose the questions from an existing library or can create a new library of questions by uploading the entire word or PDF file.

In the designing part, the user can use various customizable templates. The templates are also provided with the exact pattern of certain competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, SSC, etc. Such test templates can be used by schools and coaching centers to create mock tests.

Apart from all this, the designing part also includes assigning customized themes to the test and addition of certain tools such as a calculator or timer.

Conducting the test and proctoring

Unlike offline exams that can become a nightmare when being conducted on a large group of candidates, online exams are comparatively easy to conduct and proctor.

Online assessment software has this inbuilt feature of “candidate management” that lets the administrator divide the candidates into groups. Once the test has been created and published, the administrator can post the link in these groups or can also send it through mail to the test takers.

Some of the best online examination software provides the service of proctoring.

It is a smart technology that ensures the integrity and credibility of the tests by creating a cheat-proof environment. Any test that is being administered on candidates residing in a remote location needs to be backed with remote proctoring software. Some of the most incredible features of remote proctoring are-

  • ✫  Candidate authentication in three steps
  • ✫  Audio and video recording as well as live streaming
  • ✫  Screen freeze feature to restrict movement on the browser
  • ✫  Disabling of copy-paste
  • ✫  AI features to detect any sort of unusual movement or sound in the background of the test taker.

Scoring of assessment and result generation

With online assessment software scoring of the assessment is automatic based on the marks that have been pre-defined for every question and section by the test taker. Once the scoring is over, the software automatically generates a detailed test report which can be shared by the candidates along with detailed feedback. The components of a test report are-

  • ✫  Net Marks Scored
  • ✫  Overall Rank
  • ✫  Section-Wise Marks Scored
  • ✫  Net Percentage Scored
  • ✫  Section-Wise Percentage Scored
  • ✫  Final Result
  • ✫  Net Positive Marks
  • ✫  Section-Wise Positive Marks
  • ✫  Net Negative Marks
  • ✫  Section-Wise Negative Marks
  • ✫  Net Attempted Questions
  • ✫  Section-Wise Attempted Questions
  • ✫  Net Skipped Questions
  • ✫  Section-Wise Skipped Questions
  • ✫  Net Correct Questions
  • ✫  Net Incorrect Questions
  • ✫  Difficulty Level of a Questions

What are the Pros & Cons of Online Exam Software?



  • ✫  It decreases the burden on the administrator in the following ways-
  • ✫  Doesn’t have to create new questions manually, every time.
  • ✫  Doesn’t have to search for a test center that is at an ideal place and should also be at the nearest location of every test taker.
  • ✫  Doesn’t have to rely on logistics for transportation of sheets and question papers.
  • ✫  Doesn’t have to look for experienced invigilators.
  • ✫  Apart from the above mentioned benefits, it also saves the overall time and money of the examiner/assessment conducting body.
  • ✫  It is scalable, which makes it the best solution for organizations or even online course providers to reach out to a large population without any geographical restrictions.


  • ✫  It becomes a bit of limitation in places that receive a poor internet connection.


Think Exam- The best provider of online assessment software!

think examThink Exam is a complete online assessment solution for the test conducting bodies whether it is a government/competitive exam or an exam conducted in educational and corporate sectors. Already having a wide client base of millions of users across the globe, Think Exam is becoming the proactive choice for many schools, colleges, universities, and corporates to conduct effective online assessments.



Its credible online assessment software features are-

  • ✫  9 types of question variety to create any type of test in just a click.
  • ✫  Customized themes, templates, and other test designing features.
  • ✫  Candidate management feature to conduct large scale exams with ease.
  • ✫  An interactive test taker panel that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • ✫  Comprehensive test reports that are generated automatically.
  • ✫  Monetize feature for the users to sell their educational content and courses.
  • ✫  A mobile app that is compatible with all sorts of Android and iOS devices.
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